Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by Rum-dooer, May 24, 2008.

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  1. Whats the policy on CCJ's,debts etc before joining. Id like to be prepared in advance so theres no 'slow down' in the application process

  2. its not judged with such severity as several years ago.

    saying that i have had a rating in my division who was tens of thousands in debt due to buying motorbikes high and selling low.

    put him in touch with Christians against poverty and didnt tell the command
  3. There may be probs if your debt repayments are more than a % of your pay if you're going through the Joining process. You will not get Security Clearance if you have a bad credit rating, for example.
    Read and inwardly digest those posts by Ninja Stoker in Stirlings links. NS is a recruiter and knows his onions.
  4. Ive been with CAP[Christians Against Poverty] in the past. Would they count as IVA's? As they do act as negotiaters. But saying that,most of the debt was in my wifes[now seperated] name.

    The debt i have in my name i will clear very soon.
  5. if i have entered an IVA to reduce and manage my debts will i be eligible to apply for the RN as Comms Tech?
  6. Hi All,

    If you are declared as "Undischarged Bankrupt" then you are not eligible to join until you provide proof of discharge from bankruptcy.

    An IVA is not a bar to entry. However, during your security check a financial check will be carried out. This may mean that you are not granted security clearance to join. Also during your interview you will be asked about any monthly payments that you need to make. The careers advisor then needs to be able to satisfy themself that you will be able to cope on service pay. A basic rule of thumb is if you're paying out more than half your expected wage when in service, then you may be asked to clear some of your debts before joining.

    You also need to be aware that the defence vetting agency will carry out a credit reference check on all candidates over the age of 19. if this check reveals any serious financial difficulties or the existence of any unpaid CCJ then you may not be able to enter. All CCJ's must be paid and a certificate of satisfaction obtained before security clearence will be granted.

    Hope this helps

    Neil - Supermario

  7. I hope you are able to sort out this problem and be allowed to join the RN. You are probably less likely now to get into debt again! If you need debt advice, your local SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association) or the Royal British Legion should be able to put you onto a debt counsellor. They might need to know if you have/have had a relative in any of the Services, but SSAFA are not rigid about that. Good luck!
  8. i passed the interview for CT today and medical next week, this should be ok but i'm a little nervous about the Security Check
  9. My advice would be to be honest. Debt is common these days.
    Its when you decide to hide things that you are more of a risk and you will get found out!
  10. thanks for your advice. Have been honest and included as much info as i can about my personal circumstances. The chief who interviewed me understood everything and she has taken photosopies of the relevant info to be passed on with the SC Form.

    She was happy to continue processing me for CT so just hope this goes well then i'll just be waiting for my date

    Good luck to anybody else in these circumstances
  11. passed security clearance today, so so happy
  12. Just for information most pre April 2007 credit cards or unsecured loans are un enforcible due to a discrepancy in the Consumer Credit act, so if you default ,it is very unlikely to affect your credit status, now this is not to encourage poeple to default it is just understanding the system
  13. Anyone know of a good bank that I could open an account with? Being a discharged bankrupt, I am finding it a little hard.

    At the moment I do not have an account and my civvi work pay gets paid into the girlfriends account. Obviously I need an account on joining up and need this to be a joint one with my girlfriend so she has access.

    We have tried HSBC and got rejected.
  14. Have you tried Lloyds mate?
  15. I think there is banking facilities provided by HSBC at Raleigh.

    Even Bankrupt though, you should be able to open one of those cash card accounts, whereby you can only use them in the wall, not as a proper debit card etc.

    No credit checks
    Open to everyone
    All benifits of a debit card with no overdraft fees
  17. And where did you hear that nugget of information?

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