Deaths at HMS Raleigh

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by chrisredditch, Nov 4, 2006.

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  1. A bit morbid I know but there are 2 stories that need confirming.

    1 When I was doing basic in 1980 there was a story about a young rating who hung himself because all his family were wiped out in a car crash on the way down to his passing out. Now, Ive always took this as an urban myth but is there any substance to this tale.

    2 January 1981, A trainee was made to jump into the Raleigh Pool and he died due to the shock!
  2. I was in the mob in 80 and bever heard of these stories.Greybags might know he was drafted to Raleigh sickbay.
  3. I have just read an article on the BBC archives. Personally I don't think anything should be printed here, as it names names and people might get upset. :(
  4. Is that the one that the lad cut his throat and wrists then jumped out of a window?
  5. Someone definitely did jump out a window - they now have stoppers on the windows so they can't be opened more than a few inches.

    This is a very morbid thread...
  6. Was that not a few yrs back? Around 2002 or something? but he fell out the window, those stoppers arn't really that safe you know!

    However, rumour has it he landed on his arse and his spin shot straight out!
  7. 2003 jenny.
  8. Oh that would figure then, it was a tad bad. Poor guy wasn't allowed out to a family member's funeral without being back classed or something.

  9. It appears he took him own life. He was having problems keeping his kit tiddly and according to the BBC archives was up at all hours washing items of kit... Some practical help from his messmates might have made a difference, but who knows.
  10. Seems the Divisional System let him down.It should have been picked up by the Class Leader at least.
  11. If not then by his Div PO, shows that something wasn't 100% right huh
  12. So theres nothing here then that confirms or denies the first post.
  13. I feel a bit if retribution wafting your way squid!
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  15. Told him!
  16. God not again we`re not allowed to read the post, the Quarterdeck the on line equivalent of a run ashore, thats what it says, this quarterdeck will end up not being used.
  17. Hig, PM enroute.

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  18. Why? read my Pm.
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    Hig it appears you are to be censored :lol:
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