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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by hobbit, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Although I will be presenting a hypothetical scenario with a question I will mention a current case being dealt with in Indonesia. That case involves a group of young people, male and female, convicted on trafficking in heroin. An appeal has been rejected with a recommendation the sentence be carried out ASAP. In a case such as this if YOU were a parent what would you do? Most parents take the side of their child regardless of the offence, murder, rape etc. As a supporter of the death penalty for certain crimes, including trafficking in heroin, I would not attempt to change the course of the law and believe they should proceed with the penalty. Looking for other opinions, objective, bearing in mind how difficult it would be to see your own son/ daughter, executed. Also to be considered in the case of murder or rape where either one has a dreadful outcome for the victim, the former death . Again the ? what if it was your son or daughter?
  2. If pots and pans were if's and and's what would the Tinker do?

    To many things to contemplate
    I think if any of my children had become as low as that then I would have dis-owned them long ago and not even know them now, nor they me so I would not be aware

    If one of my daughters had gone backpacking, ran short of money, and stupidly thought it was a quick way to make a buck, I would be extremely angry, as I have told them again and again of the scams in this world and there is no such thing as a free lunch
    Though angry I would fight tooth and nail for them,

    What if (just WHAT IF) Their luggage had been tampered with and they were truley innocent

    You pose some hard questions you do!

    Jack McHammocklashing RO9
  3. It is a tough question for a parent, I would have to believe that prior to going to Indonesia, they understood the laws and penalties of trafficking and so went forwarned.

    But as was mentioned, it has been known that unsuspecting tourists have their baggage tampered with, in the hope they don't get seen and at the other end the baggage gets picked up by their buddies...(I'm sure a lot of baggage handlers the world over can be bought, it's a common occurance at container piers..)

    Where these unfortunate souls get trapped is that if they are duped, it will be the locals word against theirs, no matter how good your lawyers may be..

    The only other scenario, is if the consulate goes to work on their behalf and mention to the authorities their dreadful human rights..blah blah and coerce them through bad publicity.That being said, I believe there is a benefit to deterrence if the penalties are carried out..

    With kids of my own, I would still try to do whatever it takes to either get the sentence commuted or try to have their sentences carried out back home, even if it meant life in prison, I would still be able to visit... :hockey:
  4. These lot are from Oz and their luggage wasnt tampered with.
    They were caught with it strapped round their bodies,then they fingered the guys who were running the show.
    Only the leaders have been given the Death penalty.
  5. Although the Indon government are a pack of two faced bastards when it comes to handing out the death penalty - convicted terrorists get remissions for allahs birthday or some such shit while foreigners have no right of appeal under the Indon constiution - These dropkicks were caught dead to rights and I have no sympathy for them whatsoever.

    Predictably, the parents and friends of these fools are blaming everyone else for their predicament. They whinge that the government has not done enough to help, that the Federal Police should have stopped them leaving the country in the first place, that the media is biased etc.etc.

    Perhaps if they had taught the spawn of their loins the basic concepts of right and wrong they would not be up to their eyeballs in shit now.
  6. Talk about taking the easy position. You have made it abundantly clear where you stand, so there is no debate to be had, merely a rant about stringing people up. I'm sure the block heads on here will jump to your support. Have a nice day.
    P.S. What's wrong, Hobbit? Chieftiff not put your 'debate' in pole position?
  7. Contributor Mode

    OTOH if I was sending drugs on flight BA 123 from A to B. I would give one courier 1 kilo and another courier 10 kilos of the controlled substance. Then I phone the authorities at both A and B and tell them about a drug smuggler with 1 kilo of heroin on flight BA 123. Its a more than reasonable chance my 10 kilo man will get past the now busy Police happy with a stone bonkers arrest.

    But then what would I know about it. Perhaps they will hang the 1 kilo no hoper.

  8. ...............I actually opened this thread thinking it was another AussiePint debate :dwarf:

  9. This does happen. Customs looks out for that sort of thing and its not unknown for an entire flight to be turned over to see if any other couriers are on board. Unfortunately the only indicator of success is not the amount of drugs seized, but the price on the street.
  10. Drugs kill you.... slowly and painfully in most cases Or leave you with no life/friends/family......

    As for stringing the buggers up, I say NO. Let them stay locked up for 15 yrs per Kilo/type of drug.

    As for the mules, see my comment above.

    As for where the offence took place - hard cheese.

    If it were my sons, I'd help and support them when they got out (and while inside) and that is what I'd do. I wouldnt be too chuffed if that was their 'profession' though. I'd love them as a father should, but I'd hate what they do and would get them out of the trade..... A trip round the back of the bike sheds!

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