Death Penalty UK.

You cannot bring someone back from the dead if found to be innocent at a later date. I am in favour of a life sentence meaning exactly that, no parole, no early release they die in the nick.

I would expect nothing less from a right wing Tory does he think it's a vote winner? :pukel:
I haven't voiced an opinion :).

I agree about the life sentence although at the moment it seems severe cases in court etc always gets reduced sentences :S
If evidence is 100% indisputable, then yes.
Then a deterrent like this may well reduce certain crimes. A life sentence now is hardly "life" i.e. you only get out in a wooden box.

Can we get a vote going on this?
As a deterent it is second to none but I am still absolutely against it.

alhucoll writes above "If evidence is 100% indisputable, then yes" but if we look back there are numerous examples of people who the courts believed we're absolutely (100%) guilty who were executed and later found NG on review.

Without it though we need a robust judiciary and prison system which can cope with the numbers for long periods of time. Those who murder should go to prison for life and life should mean life without parole. The reality is we're too soft and we don't have enough space or money under the current arrangements.

SF - I'll clarify "indisputable" : DNA evidence, being flilmed/cctv evidence, forensics et all have come a long way now and are undoubtebly more reliable than that of the 90's, 80's, 70's etc.
Sure there may well be serving or ex-police in the membership who could comment a lot better than myself - is it possible for 100% indisputable evidence these days?
There was a time when fingerprints were regarded as indisputable evidence that is not the case now and who is to say that in the future DNA evidence could also be proven to be flawed?
I would be against the DEATH PENALTY if a LIFE sentence really was life and the prisoners either worked to earn their keep or starved. Otherwise, if I have to pay for their board and lodging, hang them. :farao: :farao:
So we send someone to prison for life for murder, instead of hanging him/her because there may be a "shadow of doubt" later? Quite right I suppose, but how long do we go before that shadow of doubt is past it's sell by date? 10,20,30 years? Could you not say that after 30 years this guy is definately not going to get a reveiw so hang the barsteward? Just a thought, it would free up some spaces though eh? And create a new position within the Prison Service......qualifications to pull a lever...I can do that..giv us a job!!! :w00t:
Remember the case where this guy was arrested on DNA turned out he had a bone marrow transplant from his brother.

Life should mean life with forced labour if you do not work for your keep you don't get fed and if you riot you are put down like a mad rabid dog.

I remember the time long ago very long ago where it was stands back in a amazement that somebody had actually been murdered in the country.

Problem is there are to many of us shoulder to shoulder pissing each other off at times. Of course there are those who step out the door just looking for aggro and whoever it see's first gets it.
After 15 years in the Prison Service, I am against the death penalty, except for treason.
Although, I am totally for Corporal punishment. Not many went back for a second dose I'll tell you, or ever wanted to repeat the offence that gave them that particular punishment.


War Hero
alhucoll said:
If evidence is 100% indisputable, then yes.
Then a deterrent like this may well reduce certain crimes. A life sentence now is hardly "life" i.e. you only get out in a wooden box.

Can we get a vote going on this?
Did it used to deter certain crimes when it was still viable? I'll answer that for you. No, it didn't. There were still fiddlers, nonces, murderers and rapists back then. And given the propensity for most Islamic terrorists to seek their spiritual nirvana, I'd say getting caught and slotted by the stste you hate is just the ticket.

Cultural revenge is a barbaric gesture.


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