Death of Rear Admiral Sam Salt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dogwatch, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. From The News website

    "James 'Sam' Salt, the captain of HMS Sheffield when she was sunk in the Falklands war, has died.
    The 69-year-old died after a long battle with cancer, and tributes have been paid by the sailors who served with him.

    C**** P******, on the Sheffield when she was hit by an Argentine exocet missile in 1982, said: 'I and several other members of the crew are in a state of shock.

    'He was the best officer I ever served with, we were fiercely loyal to him and he was loyal in return.'

    Rear Admiral Salt joined the navy in 1958 and specialised in submarines before switching to the surface fleet."

    R.I.P - the best skipper I served with
  2. Very sad news indeed.

  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    A sad loss indeed, a first class Captain, our thoughts are with Penny & their family.

    Served with him on HMS Southampton immediately after the conflict during the back-to-back peace-keeping deployments.

  4. I am very sorry to hear that Sam has crossed the bar, as has already been stated he was an excellent RN Officer and an all round good egg but he did fine me £20 once for letting the lads go over the brow a couple of minutes early at secure, the Captains Sec bubbled me, spit. :)
  5. One of the names that those of us of a certain vintage would always recognise as a result of the coverage of Corporate and one whose name has always been associated with the best traditions of the RN.

    Cancer is a bastard.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A bit more detail that I posted on the Memoriam page yesterday

    Received via the Submariners Association

    Much regret to inform you of the death of Rear Admiral JFTG Salt CB, peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of this morning. Sam had been suffering from cancer.

    Sam's funeral will be private, however there will be a Service of Thanksgiving for his life (probably in Chichester Cathedral) the date of which will be announced later.
  7. Very sad news indeed. I never served with him, but I did serve with lads from the Shiny Sheff, who couldn't speak highly enough of him. R.I.P Sir!
  8. Submariner you see - all good blokes.
    Resurgam Sam and condolescences to your family.
  9. As a Commander 'Sam' Salt rode with us in SSN 03 circa 1969 (he was then the CO designate of one of the Churchills in build). Even then he was considered a 'Great Guy' and I only found out today that his father (Lt.Cdr. George Stevenson Salt, RN) was also a SM CO: of HMS/M TRIAD, sadly lost in the Med. in 1940.

    RIP Sir. Resurgam.
  10. From the Submariners Association Website:

    A Notice Posted by Colin Way Esq. Dated •12th January 2011

    The following information from Penny Salt and is an extract of Sam Salt, Captain of the Sheffield during the Falklands Conflict:

    <<Sam wanted his ashes scattered over HMS Sheffield, so last week our three sons (George, Charlie and Tom) and I carried out his wishes with the help of HMS Clyde, the Falkland Island’s protection vessel.

    Atrocious weather delayed our plans but we finally went to sea on Thursday 16th December and at 2045 on a calm, clear night we scattered his ashes, dropped the casket and laid a wreath over the place where Sheffield lies. It is good to know Sam is finally with his beloved ship and with the men who gave their lives in 1982. In his jottings he wrote:

    “My three months in command of Sheffield were amongst the happiest and most rewarding time of my naval career. We were a team in a ship that had a marvelous personality and was well received wherever she went. The ship and her men had a great affinity for each other and the whole company had a fine spirit and an individual proud identity. Sheffield was our ship, our home, our life …. “

    We are so grateful that our trip to the Falkland Islands was possible and are indebted to those who helped us to undertake Sam’s request.

    May he now rest in peace.>>
  11. Quite a moving account. Clearly he was still devastated at the loss of HMS SHEFFIELD, and the unfortunate crew who lost their lives that day. But, it also shows a very proud man who felt he would draw some comfort in having his ashes spread where his ship went down.

    Reading Mrs Salt's announcement, and even after all of these years, I can still recall the horror of the media announcement
    by that calm but deadpan TV announcer, whose name I now forget, but who became midly famous during the conflict.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Many thanks for posting that update.

    A brilliant man, sorely missed by the service as well as his family and a very fitting tribute to those on the Sheffield. A man of great integrity I may add....

    Whilst on HMS Southampton (I think 1983) on patrol yet again in the South Atlantic Sam's wife Penny gave birth to one of their sons (I'm not sure which) & I remember writing home to my Mum (now deceased) and mentioning as how chuffed the Captain was his Wife had a baby amongst other things. Falklands patrols at that time were pretty dull, long periods at sea in defence watches, no trips apart from Gib or Madeira & maybe a visit from Jim Davidson to break the monotony.

    About a month later there was a click on the main broadcast one evening: "LMEM Ninja, Captains cabin". As you'd imagine, my blood ran cold... I literally stumbled to the cabin like a zombie in a cold sweat wondering what terrible fate lay in store. "Come in, close the curtain" said Sam, smiling, "Grab a seat, I'm guessing you haven't a clue what this is about?" he said handing me a huge tot of rum. "No" I replied, relaxing a bit. "Well, unbeknown to you, your Mum has hand-knitted a baby outfit and sent it for our son, my wife and I wanted to say thank you"

    "Shit" was all I could think to say. He just laughed and replied "Don't worry your secrets safe, but thank you".

  13. Ian McDonald
  14. Thanks Soleil - it's been bugging me all morning and I was about to 'Google' it!

    Also, what a cracking story Nija! Mum's can always be relied upon to embarrass us at the worst times and in the nicest way!
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Absolutely. Kind of difficult to berate her after all the thought, time, cost & effort expended.

    Whilst wanting to say: "effing cheers", the fact she had cancer at the time may have seemed more than a little ungrateful and perhaps disingenuous on my part. Mum's eh? Bless 'em.

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