Death of Bomber (Shug) Wells - HMS Reso & Warspite

I really need some help from anyone that knows anything about the death of Hugh Gordon (Shug) Wells. He served on HMS Resolution and then the Warspite and also a stint at the Attack Teacher (SCTT) Faslane during the early 1980's.
He lived in Scotland and had a son called Andrew and a daughter called Kayleigh.
If you can help with ANY information, PLEASE contact me.

Recently found out the passing of shipmate Bomber Wells, UC of Stbd crew 77-79. He died on the 21st March 2007 and is buried or was cremated somewhere near Dunfirmline. Shugs was from Kelty and married Wren, Beverley Horn who worked in SCTT. They later separated and lost touch.
He was the life and soul of the Soundroom crew and will be greatly missed. I can still remember his dour tones reporting contacts to me on the CEP.
RIP Mate.
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