Death of a rating in service

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by shags, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. I am trying to recall the traditions on the death of a rating can anybody help. I am aware of the raffleing of his kit, but what else should be considered
  2. One has to ask why you want to know? What are you planning on doing?
  3. When an aircrewman pinger was tragically killed on my last ship. an a/c carrier. Lower deck was cleared for the raffle of his kit. It was bought and resold many times. With the scribes allowing the deductions spread over a 6 monthly period. His name was entered in the roll of honour.
  4. Shags
    The death of any shipmate is a fecking heartbreaking experience looking after his NOK is the first priority. Why are you asking??
  5. We lost the Sonar Maintainer to a 3 ring skipper hunting for his fourth.
    Us WEs were crushed when we found out, and the ship left the French AS exercise we'd invited ourselves to, dashed back to Guzz, dumped the body, then dashed back to rejoin the exercise.

    Mutiny was close.

    I never heard if he'd got his fourth ring. I sincerely hope not, as I regard him as the worst skipper I ever served under.
  6. To ensure my lad who passed away last week gets everything he deserves
  7. Scouse, thanks for that. Its what I thought I just needed confirmation

  8. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Shags, it wasn't a WE by any chance was it?
  9. Shags,

    If it's the same WE that i'm thinking of will you let me know what and when you are doing it please so that if i'm back off the crinkly stuff i can attend.
  10. Sorry shags,

    I'm signed in on someone elses account it's Ian and Sweaty knows how to get in touch with me.
  11. Shags the RN should help you and give advice on options for funeral arrangements and any RN participation .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  12. The roll of honour for all services is at the Semi Circle, Aboretum Wall at Alrewas Staffs . I Recently visited their . It is a stunning and beautifull place to see .My condolences RIP :salut:
  13. I lost a friend on my last deployment. We contacted his NOK to find out if they wanted us to raffle off his kit, but they said they wanted it sent back. So we purchased a nice large trunk and sent it all back
  14. I fully appreciate my responsibilities, what I am trying to ensure is that I do not miss a trick. Hopefully somebody will think about your welfare in the same way!!!!! I now have all the answers I require and would like to thank those helpful shipmates out there.
  15. Thanks for the advice
  16. details still to be confirmed, but a signal will be released Monday
  17. Just a note to say how very sorry I was to read about your loss.

  18. On ships I have served on, where there has been a death, the deceased's kit is auctioned in two stages

    a) All of his kit is auctioned for a low price to one member of the ships company - normally the Joss or coxwain. This is because the kit is part of the estate and the value raised goes to the NOK (who may not be the person most deserving)

    b) The Joss or Coxwain now owns the kit and can do what he likes with it. The kit is then auctioned off per item to the highest bidder. In many instances, the purchaser puts the item back into the pile to be auctioned again. In this way you can raise a very high sum to give to the person who is most deserving.

    Why do this you say - well supose AB Bloggs (deceased) was living with Jenny Smith - no kids but they were in a stable relationship but not married. AB Bloggs estate would not pass automatically to Jenny Smith - she has no right to the estate BUT the ships company can decide that Jenny Smith gets the money raised from the second auction.

    Sadly, I saw this done 3 times.

    Hope that helps
  19. There is a designated Funeral Officer for the RN who will take take care of all the arrangement
  20. I know that this a little late as regards to the above thread, but hopefully I can shed some light on what sailors are entitled to in the event of a death.

    As a sailor/soldier or airman, you are entitled to have your coffin/casket draped with the Union Flag (Not the White Ensign), there is a common misconception that they are only entitled to this whilst serving. This is not true, as long as you have served for 24 hours as part of Her Majesties Armed Forces, then you may have your coffin/casket draped regardless of age or time served. So you could be 80 and still request a Union Flag.

    If the unfortunate rate is being buried, then he/she is entitled to a gun carraige if the service is carried out in a dockyard church, with band, they are also entitled to firing party, and the Last Post.

    Each area has a designated funeral officer, and they liaise with the family to the formalities of the funeral, if the funeral is taking place in a non-naval town/city, then what the entitlement allows decreases.

    Hope that this helps

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