Death of a Legend

Shit, Lamri, I've just started!
Coolhand Luke, though, you've got to admit that the boiled egg eating contest is a classic.
Did you never try to re-enact the moment when 9 0' clockers was just a loaf of bread and a tray of cackleberries?
No mate, I honestly can't think of a single time when I thought "he's a good actor".

The Newmans "own" sauces were nice, but they only came out after he was richer than God and his "acting" career was in decline.

Sorry but James Mason was an acting legend, not this bloke.
Never having had one of his sauces, I couldn't possibly comment.

As to James Mason, my dad used to work for his wife, and didn't like her one bit.
As for his offspring..............
Belinda Carlisle made a good career move marrying Morgan, 'cause for sure, she couldn't sing!

Meanwhile, back to the eggs.
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