Death in the family

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by bikerman, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. It is a Heavy heart I have to announce that I've had a death in my family

    Ajax shuffled of his mortal coil sometime last night. He bought joy to his family for the whole two weeks leaving behind me, hermes, yankey two clips and zulu alpha.

    Cheers shippers me old buddy.
  2. Condolences to you and yours but especially to Hermes, Yankey Two Clips and Zula Alpha. They'll miss their little mate. :fish:
  3. will Ajax have a landbased funeral or be buried at sea aka down the pan (he'll get to the sea eventually and there's no chance of the cat digging him up,assuming he was male of course)
  4. He had the time honoured funeral at sea, did spin a few times first though! It was a moving affair. I am assuming Ajax was a fella because I don't know how to sex fish lol 8O
  5. Poor Sole. Did you have a priest or a fryer?
    Or was it all scaled down?
  6. A Question?

    Will you always look at the remaining fish the same now? as it might just be that Ajax was murdered by one of the others.
    I would have had an autopsy conducted to determine cause of death.
    I personally think there was something "Fishy " going on.
  7. No need to keep carping on about it.

    FIN......... :lol:
  8. Its a pity it was not a flying fish, we could have got it a perch :oops:
  9. I think the others have forgotten him now. Hows that for good oppos for you lol.

  10. Forgotten who? :cry:
  11. Ajax/....why did you name him after a scouring powder, you could have called him tepol if you wanted cleaning gear. 8O 8O
  12. It's quite easy to tell the sex of a fish....If its mouth is open its a female :wink:
  13. Plenty more fish in.......
  14. The chip shop?
    The pond,
    The fair ground.....

    For god's sake tell us man we hate serials.
    Well I like cornflakes but why am I telling you?
  15. Stop fishing for answers
  16. Oh man I was having a whale of a time, and I think I could have save Bikers fish if I could have got him a decent Sturgeon.
    Trouble is I was held up talking to a Snapper with belly Hake.
    He had a fight with a piano Tuna. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  17. I feel your trawling for bites, cod alone knows if you'll get a nibble
  18. Do you think if he had lived he might have got his "Hook"? 8O :lol:
  19. No chance, he had his chips after a good battering
  20. Yes I see now that after that he would not get back in the swim of things. :oops:

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