Death crash joyriders win appeal

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Whilst I sympathise with your indignation, even more to the point why was the driver, equally convicted of an aggravated offence only given 3 years in the first place, if he had been given a more realistic 10 years then the sentences of these two would have stood.
  2. You're right Peter.
    Unfortunately it seems that magistrates and judges are handing out extremely lenient sentences in many cases using the age of the criminal to justify the leniency of the sentence. In my youth there were places called Borstals where young offenders were dispatched. They seemed to work extremely well and many never offended again. Time to get off our PC backsides, put on the sensible hat and re-open the borstals!

    Here is a prime example of the way our justice system is being made a laughing stock. Another borstal candidate
  3. First time I ever attended a casualty it was a eight year old hit at 20mph it was the childs fault for dashing into the road. The driver had just turned into the road. He was in a mess but recovered although he did recieve terrible head injuries.

    How these scum bags can be only given a few years is beyond me!!

    All the time we hear about the public being pissed off at the way society is going or should I say gone!! Yet nothing is done about it.

    Here in Dublin we had three youths in a Micra tearing the grass verge apart in the stolen car for over half an hour the Gard was informed and are still on the way!

    Shite lives all over the world!!!

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