Dear Norm

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by HarryBosch, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Dear Norm,

    I think you have suffered terribly.

    Many human cultures have a very confused attitude toward the errant poster. Since the 17th and 18th centuries we in the West have had our attitudes toward the poster and the multiple personality poster informed by the dichotomy of the 'Evil Poster' versus the 'Plain Dumb Poster; witness the confusing mix of anger, despair and sympathy ignited by psychotic posters who slag of other posters.

    Malign attitudes to Norman have been around for much longer than that, though. Consider for a moment the Greek Norman plays and Freud's interpretation of them. The received view is that they are about parricide i.e. the killing of MODS by Norman. However, when one reads the plays without seeing them through the eyes of Freud it is plain to see that they are not about the death of Good or Bad COs, they are in fact about censoring and excluding Norman by any means possible and at every possible opportunity! Not only are the plays written by and for MODS, but Norman is to be done away with by an all-seeing oracle or clique that precedes his eventual expulsion. The terrible conclusion is that the moderricidal theme of the plays is in fact a rationalization for an institution of conceptualizing Norm as Other. In other words, historical and contemporary attitudes to your posts bear witness to an institutionalised fear of Norm traceable back to Antiquity and beyond .

    I hope this helps :thumright:
  2. Have to agree Harry, although I would compare Norman to the Phantom in the Hideous ones (Lloyd Webber, to you) light opera cum Michael Crawford vehicle 'The Phantom of the....'.
    Hiding away in the vaults and catacombs of RR, popping out occasionally to warble away about his (Or his sons) ruined career and stalking the available females.
  3. Is Norm normative? Does he secretly harbour a desire to be potty trained by one of the Mods, with whom he has an infatuation of disturbing proportions? Perhaps the size of his infatuation is inversly proportional to the dimensions of his short arm, if indeed he possesses or has ever been the proud owner of such an appendage? Clearly his/her multiple personae have not had the effect of cancelling each other out, suggesting that Norman is not a mathematically logical number, and perhaps does not really exist at all. Is Norman therefore a binary anomaly arising in hyperspace as a result of clashing electrons or colliding ions?

    Answers on the back of a postage stamp please, by Friday.
  4. Harry I do really see where your comming from " Norm " has been round for ever. Lets take this a step further shall we.

    " Norm " is the lost and alone child within us all.. he seeks to find somthing. probable not even sure what it is. so as the lost child he acts out and stamp's his feet " any reaction be it good or bad IS a reaction " . We as adults must admit that we do the same thing but less publicly and perhaps with less anger, and disstain for the rest of sosiety.

    One wonders what would happen if rather than smack the naughty child, we gave him time to learn control and to release his sadness

    This is turn will alow the lost child to find his " niche " and be accepted for the person he is

    Cats x

  5. Kin ell Jos,youve been listening to Womens Hour on Radio 4 again havent you?????

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