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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by tiff2000, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. WHilst at Raliegh my division decided to post any dear Johns on our notice board to improve everyone else moral - and it worked. Can't remember any dits but there must be some good Dear John dits out there. :twisted:
  2. Well my (not so) dear ex sent me a christmas card last christmas which said:

    Thanks for Nothing.

    Have a nice life.

    Probably the worst way I've ever been dumped.
  3. Bloody hell, was that it!
    Did you not give her nothing...
    Tut, Tut...

    Mind you, women are crazy creatures!
    Had some trouble lately myself...
    Gotta love'em though :twisted:
  4. Had just got back from the Caribbean, and said card was waiting for me.

    Women in general are brilliant, it's just the odd crazy you need to watch out for.
  5. dump by txt its cheaper.
  6. You're lucky - all I got was ' Leave, or I will and I'll take the kids with me'
    She got the kids, house, car, bank account, and still sicked the CSA onto me . and that was after 18 years marriage!
    Thought things were going too smoothly.....
  7. Got accused of giving her a dose whilst on leave the last time and that she was dumping me, I was in Norway at the time.

    Stupid bitch didnt realise that I had never and still have never had an STD and also had been totally faithfull to her (wish I hadn't).

    So it was quite an interesting argument we had when I saw her in the local a couple of mionths all holier than though and she being the total slag.....the other patrons certainley found it funny when she stormed out in tears.
  8. reminds me of a joke i once heard.........

    a man goes into his local toys r us store to get a barbie doll for his daughtes birthday. he ask an assistant for help and gets pointed to the barbie ailse. when he gets to the aisle, there are loads of barbies and he starts to look down them all to see which doll his little girl would like best,
    roller skating barbie 19.99, horse riding barbie 19.99, scuba barbie 19.99,
    skiing barbie (yeah you guessed) 19.99 and so on and so on, well he finally gets to divorced barbie 30,000!!!! this must be a mistake he thinks to himself and finds an assistant. he goes through all the dolls again and gets explained that the roller skating barbie comes with skates pads and helmet, horse riding barbie with horse etc etc. well he says what about divorced barbie 30,000!!! that has surely got to be a mistake, "no" replies the assistant "divorced barbie comes with kens car, house, bank account credit cards.............
  9. Seaking, I was dumped by a text message after 18 years of marriage
  10. EX Wasp L2
    I am genuinely sorry to hear that. It might be funny as crewroom banter, but after such a long relationship it's not reasonable behaviour.

    You have to wonder how many relationships have collapsed because of the information gleaned from mobiles and e-mails.
  11. My mate sent a 'Dear John', went a bit like this;

    Ok, she is not the best person to date but feck me, I had a few laugs at that letter.

    BTW, one of the lads half inched this letter and pinned it in the JR's dinning hall!
  12. Guy I know received a Dear John letter from his girlfriend of a couple of years. She cited his lack of ambition and inability to keep her in the manner she would like to become accustomed to and dumped him. He returned her letter having first marked it thoroughly with red pen and scored her for standard of English grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. This was in the early 90's.

    About ten years later he bumped into her. She was pregnant with her fourth sprog to her unemployed useless good for nothing bloke and living in a council house, whilst he had passed AIB, gone through DARTMOUTH and was well on his way towards becoming a Lt Cdr. She was gutted; he's got his third stripe now.

    Don't tell me there isn't any justice out there.
  13. You didn't see that coming???? 8O
  14. nope ling not a clue. The one good thing of it was it bought me and my oldest sprog closer, she went off her mum for a while. Im her step dad and she still prefers to ask me for help that asking her mum so in a way it backfired on her
  15. A little justice at least, that's a pretty sly way to end 18 years...
    Wonder if anyone has any good revenge tales as well?
    I remember one dit about a girl who dumped her man and he kept pestering her to come back so she thought she would shut him up for good by sending him a photo of her sucking her new guy off.
    He did get over her
    And promptly sent the photo to the girls parents.... Nice! :twisted:
  16. Women write, phone or text to dump a man.

    Men just do not write, phone or text to dump a woman.

  17. Nice story glad to see that justice has been done
  18. sadly Justice of this sort is a little too rare.
  19. joke:) why are women like hurricanes? when they come they are wild and wet and when they go they take your house and car
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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