Dear Jesus! Raleigh journey on the 17th

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Ginger_Bawz, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. I thought that my route to Raleigh on the 17th was quite ingenious :S

    Instead of either a plane or train to plymouth, our dear MOD see's it fit to send me from Glasgow, to bristol airport, where i get a bus to a train station, then a train to plymouth. Seems like a roundabout way of gettin from A to B.

    Just thought it was funny.

    Anyone else joining raleigh on the 17th???

  2. hi
    I see that I'm not the only one up late! yes it is 01:06hrs in the morning! I just can't get to sleep! I could do with a cup of tea and a doughnut about now.
    sorry this is my 3rd night like this. like you I hope to be seeing HMS Raleigh on sunday afternoon.

  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    Just be glad you're flying to the nearest airport to Plymouth from the closest airport to you on 17th. Have a look at how long the train takes:

    National Rail Enquiries

    The shortest time is 9 hours. The coach is worse! Maybe there isn't a flight to Plymouth near enough to the time you need to arrive at HMS Raleigh on the Sunday in question. The cost is also another governing factor mate - I think you'll find you've done quite well to be honest- what other company will pay the transport costs (well over £100) to someone who hasn't even signed a contract of employment yet?

    Anyway, good luck, I sense you'll enjoy it somehow.
  4. Interesting title for the post though. "Dear Jesus" ... like he's going to help you now. Seriously though, Ninja makes a very good point. The train journey would be hell.

  5. Dripping already and you haven't joined yet! I think you'll be a success in the RN. :thumright:
  6. You modern types are soft at shit. When the only submarine attack teacher was sited at Port Bannatyne, a suburb of Rothesay on the Isle of Bute the normal routine for the non-wardroom part of the attack team was to leave Plymouth about 2 pm on Sunday afternoon by train, catch the Fort William Flyer at 7.30 pm from Euston with a sleeper berth Have you tried sleeping on a train). Arrive in Glasgow Central about 6.30 am then catch a local train to Wemyes Bay, transfer to a ferry over the Clyde to Rothesay, Pussers coach to Port Bannatyne arrive about 9 am quick cup of tea and start the first attack, lunch and finish about 4.30 pm.

    All laced with mucho alcohol during the train journey.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    You were lucky. We walked & swam in my day....
  8. Ah the good old days.
  9. I suspect bcause that is the cheapest way, Squeezy jet to Bristol is far less than the train, and the only flights to Plymouth are from London and Flights to London can be expensive.
  10. N-J

    That is what was expected of VG/Sup ratings in them days.

  11. It was over ten years ago, but you could fly from Glasgow to Bristol, pick up any other passengers, Bristol to Plymouth. This flight is (was) very expensive and Plymouth airport is a long way from Plymouth. I went down to Plymouth to do a fire-fighting course and had to fly to Bristol/bus to the station/train to Plymouth, it’s just typical pusser using the cheapest route.
  12. Think yourself lucky that you've been offered a flight, train is much worse.

    Plymouth airport is miles from anywhere so you are better off getting the train to Guzz.

    Good luck, keep your head down, and don't gob off.
  13. Ginge, enjoy the journey. You will have been sent by your AFCO by the cheapest route which gets you there in a reasonable time. Plymouth airport is a bit out of the way. You will be met at plymouth station by the transport, and we can't go sending minibuses all over the place to airports and train stations. See you on Monday. :thumright:
  14. Last firefighting course i did down that way had similar route ..flight to brizzle then conection flight down to guzz and sorted out a transport lift to take us to Raliegh...

    advance and fight the fire :blob6: the fire is out ,the fire is out :blob4: :salut:
  15. Good luck at Raleigh Ginger_Bawz i cant wait untill i go :D .
  16. Flights!! What are you wingeing about?? In the real man's navy in the 60's you were given a railway warrant and and told to get on with it. So it took three days to get there? Well tough luck.
  17. Just to remind our seasoned and well loved vets: The war is over, so is the second, so is the cold one, apparently so is iraq, and the jet engine has been invented.

    All the best :p

    Im actually looking forward to the journey now. Still raring to go after a year and a half of waiting. Cant wait to get my arse kicked by a PO that i called mate :p
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You mean that we can come out of the Andersons now?
  19. The best of luck to you Ginge in your future career in the Royal Navy. Two things you need to know.
    1. Raleigh is not the will be told that a dozen times. Remember it. All Raleigh does is teach you how to march and salute and most importantly 'how to take care of your kit'. All the kit issued to you will last quite a while, lose any of it and you'll have to pay for replacements. Take care of it properly and DON'T leave any of it loafing 'cos it'll go walkies.
    2. The Torpoint ferry to Cornwall is not a journey to's only over the water. Raleigh, when compared to the rest of the fleet, is a pain in the arse and something to endure. Although I think, compared to the rest of basic training in the other armed forces, Raleigh is a bit of a holiday camp. It seems that the RN treats its reqruits as adults from the very start.
    Enjoy it Ginge and's only a five mile run before breakfast, every morning :rambo: . What.........not any I said then, a holiday camp!
  20. Heyhey, as long as shes pretty and bearing a pulse, you stay in that andy tin as long as you like mate :p

    Seriously though, thanks for all the help guys, got some advice an AFCO wouldnt dare give. Leave in 7 hours....should really get some sleep. Dont want to end up in lympstone! :p

    All the best Lads!

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