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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by ryan1234, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Just out of interest as I live about 10 mins from where the barrakcs used to stand. Were the Royal Marine Commando's ever based there? I've heard that the Commando unit was formed there and they first did the basic training there.. However I don't know how true any of that is.
    Thank you!
  2. wet_blobby

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    OK, here's a potted history of Deal for you.

    A platoon of Marines was first stationed at Deal in 1665, in 1861 the RM depot was established at Deal, first in the east barracks then taking over North and south barracks, formally Infantry and cavalry barracks and a naval hospital. This was completed in about 1869 and the depot was used to train RMLI. In 1930 the RN school of music moved into the barracks as well, this continued in 1980 as the RM school of music until the bandies moved on in 1997. Deal was the principle place of training for Royal marines until Lympstone took over the training role during the second world war. 41 CDO was based at Deal (when it was at home) from 1977 until it was disbanded in 1981 so yes you could say a CDO unit was based at Deal, however 41 wasn't home much.
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  3. Ahh thanks!
  4. janner

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  5. Junior marines used to complete the first 12 weeks of training at Deal before moving to CTCRM , 229 ( Junior ) Troop were the last sometime in Summer 1977.
    at that time time under the SDR , Deal was a strong candidate for closure however a massive local campaign was launched to "keep the marines in Deal"
    the campaign was ultimatley successful however unfotunaltey for the locals who only really wanted the Band / School of music 41 Cdo RM having been kicked out of Malta were reformed there.
    they proceeded to rape and pilage for the next few years before being disbanded and interestingly there was also later a campaign to get the marines ( commandos) banned from Deal
    i was there - great times , fantastic memories !!
  6. I was at Deal when 41 Cdo reformed there, LtCol Jeremy Moore was the CO. 41 Cdo had been all but disbanded and only a headquarters company was left in Malta at that time. There was controversy in NATO about the disbanding of 41 Cdo, the complaint being that NATO's northern flank had been weakened by the move. The government reversed the decision as a result, HQ company was relocated from Malta to Deal and the other commandos were raided for personnel to bring 41 up to strength.
    It was a huge shock for the personnel already serving at Deal. To my consternation and confusion I had to attend NITAT in preparation for deployment to NI.
  7. I joined the Royal Marines at Deal as a junior Marine in Jan 1975 and spent three months there gaining basic military skills, fitness and weapons training , before moving on to The commando training centre.

    The place was a shock to the system for a 16 year old but I have fond memories of the barracks and Deal.

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