Deaf Telly


War Hero
Shiftwork and tv programmes. Jesus! They're f***ing boring.
Why do they broadcast all that sewage between half past f**k 'o' clock
and knocking off time with that minging yak-ugly munter in the bottom
right hand corner waggling her f***ing fingers about. Do deaf people
get up at midnight then? Tonight it's a blerk instead of the usual
swamp-hopper contorting his mush and flapping his hands about like
a demented epileptic on steroids. Wouldn't be so bad if the horrible
woman doing all the finger wagging was signing a porn movie.
Now that might be interesting.
I suppose the deaf members of society have all got jobs as security
staff or taxi despatchers.....perhaps's making me angry.
What next then? Re-runs of Crimewatch for the blind in High Definition?


Doing-my-head-in of Devonport.


War Hero

Carnt find Police or Scotland so "**** you"