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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by royalbumbaclod, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. If you saw the disembodies bodies of the enemy would if affect you and in what way?
  2. Does this warrant a reply?? Ok i bite. I dont know mate, i see death most days, some traumatic, some natural but it's never nice and nearly always messy.
  3. Disembodies?
    Disembodied (Collins English Dictionary)
    " adj. lacking a body : seeming not to be attached to or coming from anyone"
    Did you mean disembowelled by any chance?
  4. i agree with rubber dagger if you have to deal with it every day you get to live with it , yet another reason for our Paramedics to have the same pay as Police and firefighters,

    From a personal pesrpective i will keep my opinions to my self, i have experienced it but it effects poeple in different ways which are sometimes traumatic and confusing , l
  5. I think if your refering to those animals lurking around the Afghan and Iraqi countryside then the answer is no it probably will not affect you in a negative way. For myself it has always been a joyous ocassion.
  6. That is a terrible crime. And not just Paramedics, EMTs too. Ambulance crews are highly skilled and dedicated professionals, and do a fantastic job. A job that often goes unnoticed by the media and public. They should be thanked and remunerated accordingly. Especially with all the sh*t they have to put up with from drunks, druggists, lifting fat gits, being treated like a taxi service, hoax callers, assaults etc.. Rant over.
  7. If I sawed the disembodies of the shite that jumped on my car bonnet for laughs back in the UK I would be saddened.

    Saddened that it was not undertaken in the countryside to give the crows/buzzards and weasels a good feed.

    Anymore stupid questions!!!
  8. Ueshiba you are extremely close to the mark with all of your comments. I for one cannot wait to get out of it and put my qualifications to good use elsewhere. Unfortunately i'm having to wait a while to get as much out of them as possible before this joyous event!!
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  10. Joe and Josephine Public know who deserves the big pay packets.

    It is convincing for want of another word our Lords and Masters that is the problem.
  11. I doff my cap to you sir! :salut: Not a job I or indeed many could do. I have a friend who is on the job in Slough, so get to hear his view.

    He says the job has it rewards too from time to time. And some days you really make a difference. But others are just sh*t. However, how long the boys and girls backs will last as the population 'swells' is his biggest concern. He reckons the lifting and carrying is getting beyond a joke.

    Dig out mate, get what you can and go consulting or off-shore. :thumright:
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  14. :rofl: Brilliant!

    Seriously, not providing proper rehab is a poor show in your game. And the DWP recently ranting on about getting folk back to work as it's costing the tax payer etc.. :confused:
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  16. How about placing a line of Carbite muffins along a trail leading to a lake with a few dozen candles burning nearby. Think of a human Tilley lamp.... muffineaters + water + fire = rapid weight loss... Must give it a try myself... :slow:
  17. On the subject of dead bodies I received this last night from an oppo offshore:



    This sign was prominently displayed in the window of a business in Campbeltown Scotland and you are probably outraged at the thought of such an inflammatory statement.

    However, we are a society which holds
    Freedom of Speech as perhaps our greatest liberty.

    And after all, it is only a sign.
    You may ask,

    "What kind of business would dare post such a sign ?"

    Answer: A Funeral Home

    (Who said morticians had no sense of humor?)

    You gotta love it!!!
    God Bless Scotland
  18. The population is getting fatter!!

    I know one guy who thinks nothing of buying two Chinese meals on the way home from the pub. He requires a new knee. OMG whatever can be causing that. He now has diabetes. I must buy a mountain bike and get fit he shouts while ordering another pint.

    People jeopardise their health by creating wealth. :money: Then spend their wealth trying to regain their health :bball:
  19. I agree with the second part but as to the first part I wouldnt want a pay cut!
  20. You must be on at least Band 6 then.

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