Dead shoulder!

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by werqpr, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. When I run I some times get a real acheing pain in my right shoulder, it feels like a dead arm!! I run with a friend of mine and he also gets the same pain aswell, does anyone know what could be causeing this pain? and does anyone else suffer from the same thing?
  2. Hmmm - need more info for an accurate diagnosis

    Are you perhaps siamese twins joined at the shoulder??
  3. Try running on the other side of the road and see if it happens to the other shoulder, you might be bouncing off lamp posts :lol:

  4. I am far from a doc but why dont you stop running and walk (briskly) until this is sorted out,runnings overated in my book,i ferkin hate jogging but love brisk walking, :wink:

  5. Your quick with the wit WreckerL,just wish i had thought about that before you did, :D
  6. Sounds obvious but are you stretching it before you run? i've got a dodgy shoulder and aches when i run if i don't
  7. Used to have the same problemo myself when speed marching with the "CHARLIE G" no problemos at all these days.
  8. HAHAHAHA I like it!! I'll try it tomorrow and let ya know :lol: :lol:
  9. your probably not warming up properly. Do plenty of good stretches etc before you start. maybe your just over doing it a bit.

    im taking a break tomorrow i havent stopped in weeks & my whole body aches
  10. Interestingly, a recent study published in the Emergency Medical Journal showed that warming up had no influence on muscle pain / injury incurred during sport. I'm away from desk at the mo so can't give reference- but just throwing it in to stir things up!

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