Dead pool 2013


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I'm going big on this. My 5 for the year are...

HRH Prince Philip
Bashar -al-assad of Syria
HRH the un born baby of Prince William and his wife Kate. (hope I'm wrong on this)
Hillary Clinton
Bruce forsyth


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Bruce Forsyth
Bush Snr,
HRH Prince Phillip,
Gary Glitter,
Ronnie Biggs,
Vera lynn,
Did I mention Bruce Forsyth
Leslie Phillips,
Blakey from on the buses,
Graham Norton and Alan Carr,
That Grimshaw knobber on Radio 1,
Sarah Brightman,
Mickey Dolenz
And if my dream actually proves accurate - me.
Originally Posted by wet_blobby

HRH the un born baby of Prince William and his wife Kate. (hope I'm wrong on this)

Lol you sick bastard.
I hope it is twins and that they are born by Cesarian section, that they both come out together and survive. Then we can all take sides over the question of the succession.
Sir Alex Ferguson - not just wishful thinking this year, the old cunt seems to be losing his marbles so it's only a matter of time until he wanders into the path of bus. Either that or he'll die after being hit on the head by a football.


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Some of the people caught up in the investigation into the Jimmy Saville goings on. Some half forgotten celeb who was a naughty boy in the 60s and 70s will decide they no longer want the publicity and top themselves.
Her indoors is cooking her tits off in the kitchen - (another clan gathering), and she's got Diana Ross bawling her
saggy paps off on the boom box....I reckon she's about 93 by now and due to be boxed up soon. So I shall go out on a limb and have a quid on the nose that she don't see in New Years Day 2014. Diana Ross that is and NOT the Duty Chef!

By the way Happy New Year to everyone....went to bed at 21:30 (wife nackered), so if you can call a Take-away
Indian between two and half a bottle of Chesty cough medicine a grand way to see in 2013 - we had a rather nice, quiet and (finally) peaceful seeing in of the New Year. I am now having tins to make up for see ya!

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