Dead Grasshopper.


War Hero
Apparently a noose round his neck and one round his twig and berries.*

All that philosophising and he goes out like a disgraced MP.

What would Master Po say about that then, the blind fecker?


*so the rumour goes, like. What I want to know is this: at some time Dave must have said to one of his noose-and-**** buddies, 'Oh aye. Did that last night.' To which one must have said, 'Have you tried one round the old johnson as well? Makes it x 500 or summat.' To which Dave must have popped down Robert Dyas to buy yet another fathoms of sisal and ginger string and that night fore-and-afted himself from the bannister. Quite how that trransposed to a wardrobe out East is open to further conjecture. Shintoism (or whatever) is kinda funny, innit?


Lantern Swinger
According to news reports David carradine was found with a rope "tied around his penis and another rope around his neck."

How was he planning to commit suicide?
Toss himself off the balcony!!
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