Dead biker family meet watchdog

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 11, 2007.

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  1. Well Boris was indeed right about Scousers wallowing in self pity.
    Legally a dead body has no owner though next of kin usually assumes any responsibilities. The photo's belonged to the police so no copyright had been violated. The photo's were not published only shown to journalists.
    Is it me or do I see a compensation claim looming?
    One further point, Scousers believe that the North wales police and population dislike them, don't know why they only come across the border, commit crimes and drive like maniacs throught Welsh villages.
  2. Slim, ask yourself one question.....

    If that was your son/daughter/partners body how would you feel if following such an horrific accident, those pictures were shown to others without your consent ?

    It isnt so much the images were shown but that the dead bikers family had not been asked if they minded.....
  3. If it were someone close to me I would have no objections to photographs being used in this manner. Perhaps it would help stop other families from having to go through the sorrow.
    Also permission would not be needed, photographic copyright belongs to the copyright holder not the family of the deceased. At worst showing these photographs without asking the family was insensitive, it was certainly not illegal.
  4. Im not questioning the legality just the decent thing of asking the bereaved first.......

    But then this is the same Plod who hates motorists full stop
  5. I agree with you on both counts.
    However the scouse population do upset this plod on a regular basis.
    I also reckon this scousers family will be slapping in a claim for compo.


    Biker family reject force apology

    Now about this compo claim! :evil:
  6. To be quite blunt, my brother was killed in an accident on his bike (not his fault although the other driver go of with a fine and points) and the body was I am told not a pretty sight, but I would have been delighted if showing pictures of his body would have saved just one family from the pain we suffered.
  7. It's about time the Mad Mullah of the Traffic Taliban got off his histerical crusade against speeding and tried for a start to get the burglary rate in North Wales down from it's extremely high level, and while he's at it he could try and get his forces clear up rate up from single figure too.

    Failed in Wales
    Violent crime rose 36% in North Wales in the past year.
    Detection rates for violent offences fell from 82% to 64%.
    In April 2003, just 18 out of 296 burglaries in North Wales were cleared up — 6.1% — and the lowest rate ever recorded.
    Only 41 of 693 vehicle crimes were solved.
    But 4,200 speeding tickets were issued (raking in £250,000).
    What do you think of North Wales police priorities?

    More on Mullah Brunstrom's performance here…
  8. Maxi
    I carry a donor card (though what use an ex matelots liver or kidneys would be I don't know) and my family would respect my wishes for any of my body bits to be used for the good of others. In the event of my dying in an horrific way I would be only too pleased if the resulting photographs were used for educational purposes. They would be treated as an extension of the donor card.
  9. I think that you will find much of North Wales crime is committed by those residing outside of Wales.
    Perhaps you could publish the same figures for Merseyside.

    I am not a resident and don't own property in North Wales.
  10. That's all very well, but would you prefer that you had been asked first, or not?

    fwiw since you're having a sanctimonious moment I'd anticipate that you're going to say no ;)
  11. I fear you miss the point that Slim spotted, it is a bit like the donor card, if his life could save another it might just have some good come out of it. You cannot change what has happened but you just may change what may happen.

    For Slim, yes any one can have my pickled liver too, or any other bit that has some use, cary the card and tick the box on my driving licence application as well.
  12. I do think it would have been diplomatic for the police to have asked permission and they certainly should have done so. Unfortunately for some reason they neglected to do this. Considering that this was a private viewing by the journalistic element of society I believe that the police acted in the interest of the public by showing these horrific photographs.
    Have you notices that after a bad motorway accident driving standards suddenly improve after passing the resulting carnage?
    This is possibly a compensation attempt by the family.
  13. I don't believe so, and in general I'd agree with the point. I just think they should have been asked first.

    In my own case an accident I was involved in was used to promote the merits of advanced training. No photographs, but the story was used.
  14. Slim, you total f***cking knob head, are you pre judging something you dont know about, this is disgraceful, what if the family gets a wind of your comments on RR and how would you feel if you lost a family member and some idiot like you passed comment, to the words of above.
  15. In this, I agree with you and believe that it's pretty dishonourable behaviour. I'd hope any attempt doesn't succeed.
  16. The problem arose from what I heave heard/read is that the father had identified the body and not told the rest of the family about the decapitation. If this is the case then and the details of the decapitation was not in generally known, then the police should have asked permission.
  17. I have spent many long days rock climbing and mountaineering in North Wales and to be quite frank the bikers tear through Ogwen valley as though is is a race track. .

    When i went to buy my car last week the saleswoman who knew my profession confided in me that a biker who crashed on the island half a mile from the dealership had come passed her in excess of 80 MPH on a 40MPH road and had stuck his fingers up at her when she had to break sharply to allow him to pass. I note that this woman (a complete stranger really) had tears rolling down her cheeks whilst telling me what had happened and blamed herself because she thought it was her fault. My reply to her was that he chose to get on that bike and drive at that speed so he should reap the consequences.

    My point is that there are always other people in the equation, friends, family (like maxi's brother) and the emergency services (like myself) that are left numb by the actions of others.

    Although this is a question of sensitivity towards the family, i think that photos of dead bikers/drivers etc should be published if they help to save the lives of one single person in the process and in turn leave me able to have a nice sleep at night without having flashbacks of dead bikers on the M5 or the 19 year old lad that was killed Nov last. What a waste, what a waste.

  18. I stand by my comments, if the family read this so be it.
    Did you read this:
    Biker family reject force apology

    It's looking more and more like a claim may be submitted. Most people (stand fast scousers) would be content with a personnally written apology from the chief constable. What else do they want?
  19. One could suggest that this is a problem within the family and perhaps the person who put in the public domain something they were shown in private. I do not know the extent of my brothers injuries, only my other brother and my father who is now dead knew the details,but that does not change my opinion.
  20. In that case why did the father make a request to the police for these facts to be withheld. Also there would most certainly have been an inquest, the fact the he was decapitated would have been revealed and local newspapers would have reported these facts. Or are scouse local newspapers different to those in the rest of the UK because all scousers are so caring?

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