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So Son passed initial test, was given a format for DE PTI as follows:

Fill in an application which is quite in-depth,(covers why you want to be a PT, experience and sports qualifications,sports played at what level how you have used them etc..) then whilst on PNRC(states Collingwood on the form), be observed by PT staff and have an interview with them and give a presentation. If successful move onto Raleigh, once complete do a further 12 weeks (not to specific information and may be shorter if proficient) including a weeks ADV TRG, then a 12 week attachment to a PT Gym and complete ETL, once complete start LPTC.(again may be less than 12 weeks if proficient.)

An anomaly if you live in NI the bits prior to Raleigh happen in a different way.(not too sure how as the AFCO is on a learning curve too).

The only thing I found strange is they don't seem to have set any different physical requirements or physical tests prior to joint (i know the Crabs have to attend a separate 4 day physical assessment prior to joint basic training)

Hope this is useful will update it as son moves along.

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My understanding is that they'll do sea time before LPTQC and in that time complete the PT Aptitude.
Sea time isn't mentioned in the RI 14/19 dated 6 june, however it mentions seamanship training.

The info I posted above is direct from the RI.

It also states after you finish raleigh you get badged AB 1(warfare)
after phase 2 you get badged AB 2 (PT)
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I’m pretty sure like DE ACs there is a modicum of sea time to ensure that when they go to sea and act as the LPT they know what the f*ck they’re doing...
I was wrong...

From the RNTM:

Phase 1 and 2 Training

5.Entrants will complete standard Phase 1 basic training at HMS RALEIGH as AB2 PT, before progressing to Phase 2 pre-sea professional training, which combines the mandatory elementsof Functional Skills and Talybont, with a 4-week seamanship course (SEA 105). The purpose of the Phase 2 package is to continue the marinisation of an individual into the RN and prepare DE for a future sea assignment which will take place on completion of LPTQC. On successful completion of Phase 2, DEPT will become GTS, and will complete Phase 3 familiarisation training. Divisional care during Phase 2 will be provided by Corporate Squadron HMS RALEIGH.

Phase 3 Training

6.Familiarisation Training. PT Familiarisation training will be conducted in a gymnasium under the guidance of the unit’s CPOPT for a minimum of 3 months. The purpose of this phase is to prepare the individual for their PT Aptitude and future LPTQC. The DE will work within the gymnasium and complete a Task Book to ensure that they are ready for LPTQC. The DE will not be able to attend PT Aptitude until all tasks have been completedin their Task Book. Additionally, if an individual does not display the correct attributes expected of a future Leading Hand they mayface administrative action through the warnings process. An individual will remain within the gymnasium environment until successful selection to LPTQC and Divisional care during this phase will be provided by the unit’s CPOPT.

7.Advancement to AB1 PT. A DE PT will be advanced to AB1 PT on successful completion of PT Aptitude. This is to be recorded in JPA under ‘Professional|OPS for AB1 PT|Navy|’ and will be the responsibility of the Chief Staff Instructor (CSI) at the Royal Navy School Of Physical Training (RNSPT).”

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So update; Son currently on a form of PRNC, its a two day condensed version (Surge event) being held in NI.

Will consist of basic phys requirements and interview, not sure if this will include separate PT interview or not as the form/instructions we were given states PRNC at Collingwood, and will complete PT interview.

Will update when I get more info.

For the old and bold did anyone serve at "HMS" Moscow from 1988-2004?


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Yep I was at Moscow Barracks 89 -91 (2 tours) with the RLC chappies driving and manning the 'pigs'

You could still see it on Google earth until a couple of months ago now all gone

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So 2 day surge event completed, included run, interview medical,swim and more PT. SC forms submitted. Apparently may have to go to HMS Collingwood for PRNC (rather than HMS Caledonia)and another interview.So just waiting on dates and/or further info from AFCO

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