DE issues for mature Students

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by WindyMiller, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same bother with DE that I've had?

    I was curious about DE and made this clear when phoning AFCO to get the ball rolling.

    I have a degree but went to uni when I was 30 and as I didn't have GSCE's (all O levels and CSE's when I were a lad!) I had to do what's called an Access course. this is designed for mature students to gain the UCAS points their younger fellow students gain from GCSE's.

    Now these course are at level 1 which is GCES and above but because I don't have a MATHS qualification it seems that my request for DE is going to be denied. My query is currently with a Cmdr who sits on the AIB as 2 people have already said no - has anyone else come up against this or am I just an awkward bugger!! :roll:

  2. I've seen people get knocked back many times for not having a maths qualification - people with post-graduate degrees but who didn't do maths O-Level have had to go out and get themselves a maths GCSE. It's not a DE thing - it's a base requirement for officer entry that I've never seen anyone successfully get a waiver for.
  3. Thanks UA

    As I'm 39 in a few months don't think I can be bothered taking a year to get a maths GCSE!!
    I suppose the same applies if you get spotted for potential officer when joining a an able?

  4. Bingo.

    In one case I know of, a candidate was given a provisional AIB pass on the condition that they pass GCSE maths within a certain time with a grade C or above (and they remain a rating until such time), but that candidate's recommendation was based on years of service including mobilised experience; they take the maths requirement pretty seriously.
  5. phew!! I seems they do!! Oh well I thought I'd try DE just as happy to join as a rating :razz:

    Cheers for the chat Uncle_A

  6. Having seen how long it can take to get the waiver process in gear, its often quicker to bite the bullet and do a maths GCSE. Its the only dead cert way of getting to AIB.
  7. Not all degrees are equal when it comes to Maths. If your degree is in Media Studies or English Literature, I can see the Mob having a stong case in prescribing the big FO pill, but if its in Theoretical Physics I'd think you could sway the argument. If you think your degree has equipped you with the skills at GCSE grade C or above why not sit the exam in June and get your qualification in August?
  8. Windy

    I've encountered the same problem mate.

    Although I only got grade D Maths and English at school, I was recently awarded a degree in education so applied for RNR DE - I also got the new Level 2 qualifications in Maths and English (in excess of 90% for both), which the government claim are A* - C GCSE equivalent , and the good old RN told me to FO because they dont accept them as GCSE equivalent.

    Seems as though a degree in education and diploma in management as well as years of management, supervision and leadership experience count for nothing. Apparently O levels that I could have achieved 20+ yrs ago when I left school and forgotten everything about is more important. :roll:

    A bit stange me thinks, especially as The Maratime Reservist magazine (sprint 2007 issue) is concerned at its abiltiy to recruit staff - is it any wonder !!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  9. "A bit stange me thinks, especially as The Maratime Reservist magazine (sprint 2007 issue) is concerned at its abiltiy to recruit staff - is it any wonder !!!! "

    You can still come in, but not as a DE officer. Whats more important to you, the rank or belonging to the organisation in the first place?
  10. Joining as a rating or officer is not an issue for me - it's just that I worked hard for my qualifications and changing my career at 30 was a real slog and I feel that I may have skills and the ability to pass on experiences that would beefit the organisation as an officer - but if it's as a rating then fine by me.
  11. Windy

    I pretty much echo your sentiments - I have already been a rating in full time RN and would like, with additional skills, to put them to use, that's why I'm pursuing the DE line line before I go back the other.
  12. I appreciate that WM has already answered this, but remember that some specialisations are Officer only, in the same way that some are Rating only.

    It's quite reaosnable to say something along the lines of I want to do X job and if I can't then the opportunity is much less attractive

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