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Sorry guys I know everything has been done to death with regard to this post but the current info escapes me.

Do any of you with more knowledge than I out there know, pending an aircrew medical pass, what the waiting time is between Cranwell and starting phase 1, or when the intakes are? I'm currently pushing the upper age limit and nerves are getting a bit frayed.

Thanks Guys.
Thanks guys!

Ninja, I passed FATs Tuesday, didnt get told my score but was told that I scored enough for pilot/Ob/ATC as well. Might make me competitive enough for Jan intake??


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You could even be lucky & get an October entry ....if you pass the Initial Aviation Medical Examination at Cranwell pronto & get your PRNC cracked asap.

A word of caution - the medical can be a major stumbling block for many who pass FATs. Not being overly pessimistic, but they can afford to be extremely picky.

Good luck.
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