DDS in RN service.

In the late evening of 7 Dec 1942 HMS Tuna surfaced to disembark 10 members of the RMBPD* and their five flimsy kayaks/canoes at the mouth of the Gironde River for their 'Cockleshell Heroes' part in Operation Frankton**.

*Forerunner of today's SBS the Royal Marines Boom Patrol Detachment (RMBPD) was formed on 6 July 1942 They trained at the Eastney end of the Southsea waterfont where a Memorial to that Operation was unveiled & dedicated in the presence of Lord Paddy Ashdown (RIP), formerly of the RM's SBS, in Nov 2012.

This year's Annual Memorial Service will be held there again tomorrow 8th Nov 2019.


As this Thread Title indicates here is a recent update (Apr 2019) on how today's SBS/Special Forces are transported by RN S/Ms for similar Operations:

<<...The Astute class submarines were designed from the outset to be fitted with a Dry Deck Shelter (DDS) which significantly enhances their ability to covertly deliver special forces. Using unclassified public domain sources, here we examine the history, design and operation of the DDS in RN service. The DDS fitted to the Astute class boats is a cylindrical chamber approximately 13m long by 3m diameter. In UK service it is formally named the Special Forces Payload Bay (SFPB) and was procured under ‘project CHALFONT’...>> etc etc at:

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