days days fcucking bad days

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by stan_the_man, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Had a bad one today, hey ho can't talk to anyone, tv should be banned

    my glass is empty but thank fcuk missus takes the piss and sends me to bed
  2. Whats on your mind stan?
  3. I was on the piss missus has bollocked me accordingly:(
  4. Did you wee? If it's any consolation I vomited on myself whilst riding my bike today, and I'm also in trouble for spending too much money on Star Wars Lego.
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  5. I'm in trouble for online gambling, online whoreing, buying replica posh watches and too much aftershave, fcuk me I'm 56 this years I'm going to pop me clogs before I get the chance to grow up
  6. Wait til she finds out about the cross dressing mate.
  7. And being a closet gayer
  8. Just had my 56th which coincided with the SM2 re-union in Guzz. Same happened last year and I said I'd behave this that ****** wrong again :eek:ccasion6: + :drunken: = :sleepy2:
  9. I'd like to go on record that despite willy watcher wits assertion that "We're all repressed homos. Every man enjoys touching cock" I fooking aint and I fooking dont.
  10. What he said, don't mind touching my own one though.
  11. Must say I'm with Sharkey and Wrecker here.

    Apart from the touching of Wrecker's cock that is.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2013
  12. Thank **** for that.
  13. Oh dear haha, just for being on the lash or is there a humorous story? :p
  14. So long as I don't have to touch Wrecker's cock.
  15. If you're buying, I,m willing to listen to your argument for being a shirtlifter
  16. It is an impressive piece, you can all touch a bit of it simultaneously, but not if you've got a cock yourself though, it's a ladies friend, bit like a fishermans friend but smells of cheese not fish (at the start of the evening that is).

    Edited to add stop crayoning you naughty boys, just noticed which forum this is in.
  17. The only real cock munchers are the ones who deny it.

  18. Cost you a kiss to find out
  19. Well I'm not one whatever you say, erm...hang on, that's not fair.
  20. Kissing's for gayers, bumming is for men.

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