Daybreak (sic)

Right, I am well aware that the vast majority of RR readers are busy keeping the sea-lanes open, or in support of such vital personnel when this programme is on.

As you may or may not know, last Friday saw the demise of that well loved favourite GMTV and replaced it on Monday with 'Daybreak' hosted by that Brummy twonk Adrian Childs. Now, as a semi retired and not so old fart, my day begins with coffee and telly, as we are an hour adrift of you lot in the UK.

But my goodness, what a load of sh1t this new format is! I couldn't believe how bad it is - is the producer a 10 year old? Worried that I might be on a rant, I Googled - I am not alone!

It is SO bad that it even makes the BBC's offering look good! :lol:

Get up early tomorrow, have a shufti, then discuss!
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