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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by robbiemallon, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. im joining as a et me, and was wondering after the basic training what is your day to day routines? like can you go home at weekends and stuff or maybe even drink?
  2. No you're not allowed home or drink anything for at least 12 years
  3. i thought when they said 12 years that was just about the waiting list, didnt know it was when you see home again!
  4. Hmmmmmm, this could have some mileage :wink:
  5. Having looked the rest of your posts you will be doing the following.

    Learning how to use a keyboard correctly in order to identify the Shift key (Arrow pointing upwards) in order to use capital letters, and also how to locate one of these (.) It's called a fullstop. I think I'll stop there.
  6. Robbie

    If you are serving on a ship in the Caribbean, for instance, going home at weekends might prove a little difficult ...

    Then again, if you are serving on a ship in the Caribbean, will you want to?

  7. Cheers for the English lesson Drakey i was aware people here were so fussy over simple posts. <<< better?

    and i mean for the likes of phase 2 training? what will happen then?
  9. Anyway, anyone got a proper answer?
  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  11. As soon as 1600(ish) comes around, sh1t, shower, ashore, ming monged, trap, adrift, defaulters and 14 days No 9's.

    Repeat after 14 days.

    P.s Disregard shower if you become a stoker.
  12. The question you have to ask yourself is would it make a difference if you couldn't?

    It it does then perhaps you should ask yourself then is the RN going to be an employer that you want to work for if they are going to impose such conditions on your 'non-working' hours.
  13. Robbie,
    Standby for a sensible answer.

    As a youngster, you are entitled to travel warrants (ie, the RN will pay for your travel) at the rate of one a month, to enable you to go home. These are known as Get You Home (Early Years) (GYH(EY)) warrants. You will also be 'duty' every so often, including weekends. Thus, you will be able to go home for some weekends, but not all, and if home is a long way away, you will not be overly disadvantaged by the cost of travel.

    If you are aged eighteen or over, you are legally able to buy and consume alcohol, though there are some restrictions the RN have about where and when you can or cannot drink, and bear in mind that being drunk either on board or ashore is an offence.
  14. One a month? Is that just for under 18s?
  15. No, it's not the case.

    It's four a year.

    Probably a typo! :)
  16. sounds good to me, gimmie 22 years of that please waiter!
  17. For the first 3 years. Happy with that, I wasn't expecting to get any when I joined :D
  18. Damn straight. Just get spannered everywhere possible. If you start doing it from an early age in your career, then, when you don't fcuk up, your D.O will big you up BIG TIME thinking your the nuts man, YEEHA!
  19. Not a typo. A typo would suggest I intended to type one thing, and accidentally typed another. This was me giving advice without checking my facts first, and failing to ask myself the question "What would Chico/Zoid/Merlin/RNRC/CM do?" before pressing the 'submit' button. :oops:

    In my defence; I was obviously thinking of GYH(S); I'm not a Writer; I am not a youngster myself; I don't work in a training establishment; and I don't have anyone working for me who is entitled to GYH(EY).
  20. To add to that, even more so in Phase 2 your instructors and DO EXPECT you to turn up hanging out and they will question if you dont turn up in the morning stinking of booze in unironed 8's 8O

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