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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wet_blobby, Oct 18, 2008.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'd quite like to go to the pub but, I'm taking the kids to Mount Cook tommorrow, how else is everyone wasting there sunday?
  2. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Driving to dog sh** city. Boooo!
  3. Was intending to go to one of my Grandsons 18th birthday bash, but they're all coming down with flu !! Ah well, another quiet night in with a couple of bottles of cider.
  4. Skinny Cat Sitter and I are off for a shopping exped, possibly to Soton.
    Further afield if we can persaude the PO Stoker to drive us!
  5. Will be sat in an office, in the desert, cashing cheques !!
  6. Sitting on a poxy oil rig in the North Sea. No birds, no booze and the wife is p1ssing it up at a wedding!
  7. 2 months dry so far - 4 and a bit to go!!
  8. I'm currently in GUZZ visiting a friend for the weekend arranging my stag weekend
  9. Have a couple of pints (well lots) for me in the Newmarket Tommo
  10. Sitting on a poxy rig in the Persian Gulf. No birds, no booze, and the wife is out spending money................Snap!!, well nearly.
  11. Grand Prix - Sunday Roast - Beer! Bliss
  12. No options - Working the whole weekend!!!

    Lifes a shit but I like the £££££££££
  13. Shooting clays, 2 brace of pheasant to "do", then to the folks for lunch as Mrs DE is on a girly weekend in Salcombe.

    Rescue helicopters have evacuated 34 people from a North Sea oil rig following a fire on board. Skip related content
    Related photos / videos 34 evacuated from oil rig fire The fire broke out on the Energy Enhancer rig which lies 73 miles east of Whitby, North Yorkshire.

    Two RAF helicopters transferred the 34 non-essential staff to a standby vessel after the Humber coastguard was contacted on Saturday night. 45 crew members currently remain onboard the rig.

    The fire was confirmed to have been put out in the early hours.

    A coastguard spokesman said: "Humber Coastguard was contacted 10.45pm by the rig Energy Enhancer in the North Sea reporting that they needed to down man the facility due to smoke in the accommodation area.

    "Rescue helicopters from RAF Leconfield and RAF Boulmer attended the scene and transferred crew members from the rig to the standby vessel Vos Canna."

    The operators confirmed that the well head involved had not been compromised during the fire.

    The spokesman added: "The problem began when a small fire was thought to have been contained in the accommodation area but smoke and a strong heat source was detected late on Saturday night and crew were noticing smoke.

    "A decision was made to evacuate 34 non essential crew from the platform and 45 crew members remain on board.

    "At 2.30am it was confirmed that the fire was out and all risk had passed and the RAF Rescue Helicopters were stood down and will return to base."
  15. About to go and pick SWMBO up at the airport, no more footloose and fancy free time for me...
  16. 12 hours on duty in windy Staffordshire!
    Now into 2nd can off wife beater(off duty I might add)
  17. Packing for the RNAC tomorrow.
  18. Another quality Sunday processing the Vietnamese drug importers, Korean prostitutes, stinky Indians and other assorted human offal that gets vomited onto Australias fair shores on a daily basis.

  19. Just another day at the office eh Jack? :thumright:
  20. +1...exactly what I did. Nice.

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