Day of Demob

What did you do on the day of your demob?I wandered the Victory gates at about 9.30am and the look of glee on the Gatehouse staff was a joy to behold.
Up for defaulters so I kept quiet,up the chain till the duty Officer came down and said get changed into 3's wandered off and came back in 8's,the RPI' and all under went ape! Shouting was a joy to behold.
I then informed them I was being demobbed at noon and the puce faces got worse,left sniggering and enjoyed the moment in the Albany later.
The day BEFORE my demob I had been in Nelson to return AGR and shit, on my way to the gate I was stopped by a FCMAA who picked me up for haircut ''Goin outside tommorow'' sez I
''Not your lucky day today'' sez he, took me to the reg office and told one of the reg staff to make sure I had haircut before demob :evil:
Biggest anti climax of my life.

Twenty four and a half years and bugger all. Not a thank you or nowt! Cdr was too busy, twat in the SR's mess wasn't going to let me in as I had handed my ID card back. Well throw my grip out and I'll change on the fugging steps then!!! Tossers.

No regrets though. The drive up the M27 was heaven. Just call me 'Mister'.
I drove out of Viccy barracks with no job and nowhere to live, I'd had no time to sort either out.
The bstards put me at sea on a stinking Leander or two until 10 days before I left, no wind down, no bugger all, and they even tried to put me on duty watch the night before I left collecting the tickets at the swimming pool, of all things.
I did it for about five minutes then walked back in No8s along the public road, sod 'em.
The next day I had a Renault and some money in my pocket. To this day I thank the two ladies in the ex forces accommodation office in Brighton, in Air St. They set me up with a flat and a few years later Mrs T let me buy it for a song and I haven't looked back.
An dat am de trute man!
Came out of Guzz Barracks at 1320, no band, no thank yous, no handshakes. Went to the RNA opposite, got horribly pissed on Woods with an old shipmate, insulted all the P7R Stores Chiefs, and went home to face the music, but happier than a pig in the proverbial.