Discussion in 'The Corps' started by theGimpMK2, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. :D Well someone had to post the first one!!

    Greeting to all serving/former Royal Marines and attached ranks, in particular anybody still sporting the indelible mark of shame of a night at molesters


  2. Oh the nights in Jesters :oops:

    Think I'll get my coat, too many to remember!
  3. Remembering the nights and my coat was always a problem for me!!

  4. OK Royal is here, so when does the Naked Bar start?
  5. So you a Marine then Mr Monkey?
  6. [marq=left]NAKED BAR![/marq]
  7. After you Jenny :D
  8. Steady on now you fishy fellow, asking a young lady to get naked? you'll have one of them moderator types or you tail!
  9. If you were on Jenny's tail you'd be doing the back of my head mate, and that's not going to happen :twisted:
  10. How very vulgar, you must be a marine right enough, why ever are you impersonating a RNR officer???
  11. AX locker or diving store? Either way I won't be there :wink:
  12. Diving store always, then you can flog their kit on ebay too
  13. Ladies, Ladies. DO you have to lower the tone? One only gets naked once the ratings have turned in for the middle and 2 deck is clear....
  14. Anyone for freckles? Pint pots at the ready, I've got a steamer brewing...
  15. Ah the man who causes the damage before he fixes it hath arrived!

    Evening Herr Dok!
  16. Doesn't royal lower the tone as a matter of choice? They sat a bad example and it's Herr Doks fault
  17. Mwahahaha I'm my own medical system all by my lonesome.

    Vere are my casualties?
  18. Oh My God... Jesters, to my eternal shame i was there on New Years Eve!
    my only defense is Vodka and Coke.....
  19. Ended up there on 3 different new yrs excuse was they were open till 6am! Oh and the influence of too much JD :roll:
  20. No regulars of the Dolphin then? Humph. Tis the local!

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