Davy Jones RIP

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by scouse, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Much respect. I was living in the States when The Monkees were contrived for a TV show but they beat the odds with their natural musical talent (they could even play their own instruments) and witty personalities. They were The Goodies even before The Goodies.

    Until a few years ago when he moved back across the Atlantic, Davy Jones lived at Droxford in the Meon Valley where he kept horses. A mature lady friend of ours (a head teacher) turned all peculiar when she spotted him in the bar of The Hurdles (his local) where we were dining and I nearly needed the smelling salts to bring her round. It was hilarious.

    Sad loss of an extremely nice guy.
  2. I didn't belive it at first, but now I do.
  3. I used to enjoy their off the wall antics and as stated he came across as an all round nice guy. RIP
  4. I still remember him in Coronation st in the sixty's
  5. The Wrong Davy Jones has been taken...
  6. BTW he was an apprentice jockey, before becoming famous!!!
  7. To be buried at sea?
    At least he'll know the location of his kit storage space.^_~
  8. My step daughter had a lot to do with him in the Meon Valley where she has a Stud farm breeding coloured horses. Never met him but she alsways said he was an alround nice guy!
  9. Ena Sharples grandson.[​IMG]
  10. One of my graduate course-mates asked me "who the hell is Davy Jones?". Made me feel old and a bit sad for him that he never watched the Monkees as a kid.
  11. I was quite surprised when I heard of his death and now "I'm a bereaver"
  12. .....and he's caught the last train to darksville !
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The mayor of Hartlepool has issued this following statement.

    "The death of that Monkee had nothing to do with us!"
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