War Hero
Posh and becks are out shopping in the Trafford Centre for a good spend.

They walk past a shop and David sees a shiny thing in the window. ?He turns to posh and asks "Whats that shiny thing there?", She says "David, i have no idea" , so the decide to go inside.

The walk up to the shop assistant and ask what the shiny thing in the window is. ?"Its a flask" says the assistant. ?"A Flask? ?What does it do" asks David. ?"Well Sir, it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold". ?"Really, then i will have it and one for Posh too" says David.

Come match day and the team are playing really well. ?When half time comes they file into their respective dressing rooms for a quick brew. ? Becks pulls out his flask and starts pouring a drink from the flask. ?Van Nistelroy looks over and says "Hey, David whats that shiny thing there?". ?"Its a flask, i bought it the other day". ?"Well what does it do then?". ? "It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold." says David beaming with pride at his new shiny thing. ?"What have you got in there then?" ask the neville brothers. ? ?

"I have two cups of tea and a choc ice"