David Miliband Rules out EU Job

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. I suspect that unless things change dramatically he will be doing all he can to persuade Gordon to lead the party through the election. After all who would want a few days in No 10 just to be given the sack because you lost the election
  2. Don't suppose it has much to do with accusing a Polish pollie of being a Neo-Nazi ?
    And then being shot down ( I really menat 'being corrected') by the Israelis themselves ??

    I bet his researcher is looking for another position now .... ;)
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Perhaps he'll pop up soon vociferously backing Bliar for President. In which case there will be a nice Euro job waiting for him anyway.
  4. And yet again we have new posts created for the euro grovelling train
  5. I don't suppose the Kinnocks or Mandlebum ever said they wanted a top job in the EU until there was no possibility of anything grander in British politics.I think Millibands mates are all desperate for him to stay because otherwise it will give Harriet Harman a clean run for leader of the Labour Party and that in the eyes of many really would be a disaster electorally.
  6. Liebour are going to be out for a generation.... so it matters not who takes over from cyclops ! Let them all have a go, Harman, Millibore, Johnson and anyone else who wants a crack at it. There's some kid in a comprehensive school out there... who'll be the next Labour PM, ...25 years from now ! - Assuming of course that we still have a parliament.
  7. Good point.It will probably just be a regional assembly by then rubber stamping all the edicts from the EU. :roll:
  8. Is there anyone who has even the remotest chance of turning the next election into anything BUT an electoral disaster for Labour? They are all out of the same toybox and have brought this on themselves by being arrogant, power crazed, self interested and generally dishonest.

    I personally don't think there are many on either side of the House that can claim the moral high ground - the only difference between them is whether or not they wielded the power to change things for the better but chose not to

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