David Haye

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by seafarer1939, Jul 3, 2011.

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  1. Sorry to see it but why am I not surprised? I never said that he would lose but I had my doubts.
    he now says he had a broken toe!
    Maybe that caused it,we have to give him the benefit of the doubt but very rarely do you find a fighter who has been beaten not find an excuse for losing.
    He may retire after one more fight.
  2. Broken toe or no broken toe, he was beaten fair and square for me, out maneuvered, out boxed and at time to rash in his approach, Klitscho has been the better man and better boxer in the whole build up and ultimate defeat of Haye.

    A rematch won't happen, and Haye can only drop down and fight an up and comer now, this was the one and only shot for him, will he drop back to cruiser-weight to have one last hooray down there? Maybe, maybe not, either way he is good, but not good enough for the Doctor.
  3. Whilst a broken toe would explain why he couldn't let his hands go, he was outclassed by a very good fighter last night. Dr Steelhammer was on form. I think Haye would have fought Vitali had he won, now it looks like that October retirement date is for real.
  4. Yes i concur with that, a win would of brought a unification of all belts to David Haye by beating the bigger brother, but as stated, out-classed on the night and for me, any other night if there was to be one.
  5. Haye is a great fighter and I like him. I just think he is too small to be a modern day heavyweight, you can't give up 30lbs and a bucketload of reach away to people like the Klitschkos. Adamek will get smashed aswell. You have monsters waiting in the wings in Helenius and Dimitrenko too. Heavyweights are enormous now.

    Haye will always do ok against 2nd tier fighters like Chambers, Arreola or Mormeck. And he'll smash the life out of blown up cruiserweights (like he did against Ruiz) But the big boys who can fight? No chance.
  6. Great way of describing not only Haye, but the whole of heavy weight boxing to date, those that can fight are basically unbeatable, looking at heavy weights over the years the early champs who where considered 'monsters' because of there size, example being max Schmeling who was 6ft 1 inches, where nowhere near the size of today's men, The sport throughout the weights is now, Bigger, faster and fitter, the only downside for me is there is no major British rivalries at present who would fill Wembley on a summer night for a world title bout.

    Possibly Khan and Hatton if the hit man would be a few years younger.

    Owell i just have to keep getting the dusty videos of those great nights before my time, Henry v cooper, Benn v Eubank, lewis v bruno.

    Plus those epic fights which are my all time favorites, WARD V GATTI 'THE TRIPLE ENCOUNTER'...

    Brings shivers down my spine when i think of them ones!!!

  7. Give Kell Brook a couple more fights and Brook v Khan would be a domestic barn burner.

    I agree with Gatti v Ward awesome, seeing as though this thread has morphed into a boxing thread, here are my top 5 fights ever:

    1. Hagler - Hearns

    2. Barrera - Morales I

    3. Hamed - Kelley

    4. Gatti - Ward I

    5. Corrales - Castillo
  8. Great fights they are, all of them, well brooks has the little problem of a tag he needs to get off his ankle before he can fight at night again haha, but he is promising, Khan, well he needed the Prescott defeat to bring him back to planet Bolton, he thought he was turning into king Punjab himself, so now hes over in america and isn't the main man in the gym anymore hes doing well, Zab Judah will be a major test for him, i am looking forward to that one.

    Now Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather needs to happen, though for me it is Mayweather all night long between them two, He is too good for anyone down that end of the weight divisions.
  9. Tommy Burns who had a pub in the Toon around the corner from my club[The Forth but not when I was there! although his picture was] was 5'8"/9"
    Stanley Ketchell the Middle champion[shot to death by his lovers boyfriend] was 5'9" and challenged and had Johnson down before Johnson thought it had gone on long enough and left Ketchells teeth in his glove even thru the guard and Ketchell was the best fighter of the day constantly knocking out Heavies[I have his life story]
    Both him and Burns were overblown Middles so:
    A big 'un will normally beat a small one except for the big Palooka Prima Carnera !
  10. Most of the time its the reach advantage that is the pain in the bum to box against, I had plenty of sparring with a south paw cruiser weight who was about 6ft 5, I'm sure he had stilts on his arms, he was hitting me from what seemed to be the opposite corner, now me not being the most intelligent I allowed him to catch me every time with his jab, looking back I should of stepped to the left and cracked him with a left hook, oh well, easy from the sidelines isn't it!!

    Best lad I have seen train in the gym was a younger Michael Jennings, he would float around the canvas, truly breathtaking to watch my dad burst blood, sweat and tears to give Jennings a good sparring session. Shame a certain Miguel Cotto had other ideas about Jennings world title ambitions.
  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Why are people being mean to Haye? It's not like he's hurt anyone.
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  12. Don't know anything about boxing, but if the twitterati are anything to go by he has been one very naughty boy.
  13. Lots of non-boxing fans jumping on their one big fight per year bandwagon and having a pop at Haye simply for not winning. Yes he was below par but he was beaten by the better fighter fair and square.
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  14. No sweetie. A Naughty Boy. If you want to know I will msg you the details of the superinjunction!!
  15. Tell me, tell me now!
  16. Have messaged you on FB xx
  17. I really would have liked you to try that on me when I fought SP. I would have shown you how easy it is for an ambidextrous fighter to switch and turn you.:-D
  18. Yeah but this one wasn't ambidextrous, just left handed and mahossive, though an opponent that can switch stances swiftly is one hell of an opponent, only sparred with one, my dad. I have trouble with my natural orthodox, nvm the 'other one'. :)
  19. I fought for the RN for about five years. I lost a couple but was never sparked.
    In fact the only person who has ever hit me in the gob and really hurt me is my missus. Thats a dit on its own, but although I can laugh about it now at the time it was so not funny.
    I switched regularly when I fought, and only one bloke ever did his homework on me and studied my track record. I went to switch and the bastard was waiting for it, when I went for what should be the killer blow, he hit me so fuckin hard my ancestor at the Battle of Hastings felt it.:-|:-|
  20. LMAO, did the Mrs get a flying headbutt?? Also an opponent that does his homework is one to be wary of, as you stated, when they know whats coming, its you that gets what coming!!

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