"David Dimbleby Presents New BBC One Series Britain And The Sea"

"In a new series for BBC One, made in partnership with the National Maritime Museum, David Dimbleby sets out on his boat Rocket to explore Britain’s relationship with the sea - and discover how the waters around our shores have inspired art and literature for centuries.

As an island nation, Britain’s seas have shaped our history and defined our culture and our national identity. In Britain And The Sea, across four hour-long episodes, David will journey around Britain to examine the art, uncover the artefacts and meet the people that tell the story of our island nation - from the raging seascapes of Turner and Constable, the music of Britten, the literature and poetry of writers inspired by the sea, to the essential role of the ports and forts that have defended Britain for centuries."

BBC - Media Centre - David Dimbleby presents new BBC One series Britain And The Sea
Not sure about his comments claiming that the RN could in some way be ashamed of being ashamed of being associated with Drake? You don't have to look too far to find RN references to him. Lazy feckers.
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