David (Dave) J. Valder


War Hero
Good effort.

When people fraudulently gain advantage by walting it up, I get hacked-off.

A little while back a former Royal & I collaborated, resulting in ensuring a failed ex-RM recruit got sacked from a job he gained by claiming he was a trained rank ML. As ever, they always get their come-uppance, and rightly so.


Never mind that. If his corps nickname wasn't Darth then I've lost all respect for them.

It had better have been.
Hey guys, I know this post is a little bit old and I apologise for the tardiness but I do know this guy... Yes he served, yes he was a bootneck and yes, he is full of shit! He has not, by any stretch done half of if any of the 'ops' that he's suggesting by wearing those medals. He was a clerk, not that he can't have done ops as a clerk, but lets just say that it is most certainly not the truth in his case. He was a good mate of mine some time ago, but I grew tired of his attitude and manner... No I'm not sore or bitter, just happy to oust a Walt!

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