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Hi Folks
I'm new to the site, so I'm still finding my way around.
I'm wondering if any of the bootnecks on the site came across the above named guy when they were in the Corps.
I believe that he served from 1993 to 1999, but I'm curious because no one on the OAMAAM site seems to know him. He lives in my village and on Remembrance Sunday he was wearing an astonishing array of medals, including a Military Cross and Military Medal (with an MID emblem on it!)
He's not mentioned in the London Gazette and the Corps Museum Historical Dept. haven't heard of him, so he's almost certainly a medal walt.
However, it would be interesting to hear from anyone that actually knew him when he was a Royal Marine and to know what branch he was in and where he served, etc.
The RN Disclosure Unit won't tell.
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MOD Edit;

Moved to The Corps so Royal can assist and then a possible move to walts may occur.

As an aside, the MM was awarded to other ranks back then whereas the MC was awarded to Officers. Which was he? Neither would have the MID oak leaves on them. Also, both awards would have been gazetted. The fact he was wearing this astonishing array of tinnage would surely have been reason to ask the odd question?
Hi Blackrat
Thanks for the response.
I am not really sure whether he was an officer or other rank, though i would suggest that the latter is probably the case.
He avoids me, even though we live in the same street and whenever I have mentioned the Corps, he changes the subject.
I am aware of the medal system ref. ORs and Offrs relating to the MM and MC but if someone was commissioned from the ranks it is JUST possible that he could have been awarded both.
Anyway, hopefully someone on the site may have known him


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He is displaying the classic walt signs.

I've never come across anyone with both a MM and an MC. As you say, it's possible, but unlikely. For this bloke, he would have gone from other ranks after winning the MM to Officer to win the MC, all within 6 years. Now i would certainly say that this was extremely unlikely. The fact that there is no gazette that can be found and that he avoids you gives off a mahoosive whiff of bullshit. From what i know of Royal, when one meets another there is chest beating, naked roll mat fighting and dress comparisons. This bloke probably never even served.
Would have thought that if he was a recipient of either the MM or MC then the Corps Historical Dept would have had some records. They don't give those things away without making some sort of fuss about it!


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Would have thought that if he was a recipient of either the MM or MC then the Corps Historical Dept would have had some records. They don't give those things away without making some sort of fuss about it!
Quite. My bezzer is an MC recipient and he's more impressed with the fact it comes with a pension. Sounds like this bloke gets two!
Hi WreckerL
Yeah, thanks. I know about the rules for wearing the MID/Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct emblem. Hence the exclamation mark.
This guy also wears two rows of five medals, the upper row above and partially eclipsing the bottom row. Another mistake.
Since the Armed Forces Act was amended in 2006, however, these walts are no longer liable to prosecution unless they are obtaining pecuniary advantage by wearing them, which is the really annoying bit.
Name and shame? I'd love to, and so would a retired Lt. Col. that lives in the village, but the guy has five kids and the effect on them would be pretty devastating.


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You live and learn ... didn't know that it came with a dosh hand out as well - but probably well deserved!
It does indeed old chap.

As to his citation, it's hush hush and he won't speak about it. He's an extremely modest bloke. Those who are chums with me on twatbook may well have seen me in a picture with him at a mess do where he makes my feeble gongs look even punier next to his impressive rack of campaign tin.


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This guy also wears two rows of five medals, the upper row above and partially eclipsing the bottom row.
And as you know, my new to the site Bootie chum, the only time we go into a second row is with ribbons, not gongs.

Maybe a quiet word with him may be the best trick.
Next to the MC and MM (with MiD!) is the 1962 GSM with 5 clasps. I couldn't get close enough to see what campaigns the clasps were for, but to collect five in six years having deducted basic training, means that he would have been a VERY busy boy! Next to the GSM is the Op Telic Medal, which was awarded in 2004 - 5 years after he left the Corps, if my info is correct.
Next to that is NATO (Former Yugoslavia)
The bottom row need closer inspection to identify what they are.


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Possible but highly unlikely he has served in the Army as well as the Corps and got his gongs there. Also possible BHU his MM is legit and he felt seen off when it was 'upgraded' to an MC so bought his own. A bit like those throbbers who droned on about their entitlement to the QDJM for 2 years in 1960, got fcuked off so bought their own to go with the bling for the blingless.

Ask him ( if you can catch him) some Corps type questions like, 'where do you buy your lingerie?'

Or he's a clueless fraud, no medals and no service anywhere any time.
I have tried talking to him and he insists that the medals are his and genuine, but can't explain why The London Gazette has no record of him (they did a search for me - London, Belfast and Edinburgh).
He is very evasive, though, and I hardly ever see him out and about these days.
I might come across him in Debenhams, though, which is where I get my frillies.
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A phot would be handy, not of his face obviously, but that medal rack would be interesting to see and possibly identify what he's got (apart from the ones you've already identified).


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Back on thread;

GSM with 5 clasps? Nope. Not for the years (allegedly) served.
Telic medal? Nope. He'd already left.
MC/MM with MiD leaves? Lies lies lies.

Do you booties have an equivalent like when we of the glorious Army ask people for the first four of their number? I'm actually starting to feel a bit sorry for this bloke. He sounds a right spoon.
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