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David Cameron - puffin' da 'erb.

I need to confess!
In the far off days of my yoof I -
a) Stole cigarettes from the box of 50 on top of the piano at Christmas, then graduated to receiving stolen goods in the form of cigarettes from the shop which belonged to my oppo's Father, where we both did a paper round.
b) Indulged in binge drinking by accepting gin from an elderly person who's paper I delivered - I think he fancied me, but I and above mentioned oppo always travelled in pairs.
c) Commited what would probably pass as statutory rape today, in my ham fisted attempts to discover the contents of the knickers of several pubescent and underage girls of my acquaintance.

But, at 16, when I enlisted, I became a respectable pillar of Naval society and did it all proper!

Since this all happened 55 years ago, should I sell my story to the press?

Makes me more likely to vote for him, even though he is very posh. At least now we know he is human. Unlike all those journalists from the Sun etc who are piling criticism on him, yet who must have had a bit of a puff themselves. Christ, when I was at Uni everyone was at it!
So the leader of the Conservative Party smoked cannabis.

I thought he would neither confirm nor deny? Either way, it's as much a non story as that young broad who married the old boy and has just followed him to the great Hello magazine in the sky.
I like the fact that he wouldn't confirm or deny the story. It was his way of telling the media who insist that we, the public (meaning the press) have an inherent right to know whether he did or not, to poke off!!!

I'd vote for him on that basis alone.

Way they go on you would think he was a paedo.

Must be a totally boring dipstick if you lead a sheltered life in the young days.

I was a top class poacher and only got nabbed twice. Funny now I detest the thought of killing a animal. Mind few scum bags about who I would pop off no problemo. But the animals no chance.

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