David Cameron ponders armed forces reservists boost.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by WarfareSpecialistToBe, Jul 1, 2011.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Yay, forces lite. The way forward.

    Sometimes you've just got to shake your head and wonder.

    How about a few extra regular infantry battalions?...... Oh, silly me I forgot that costs money.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Next move is to do a way with probation, suspended sentances and ASBO's, instead offenders will be instructed to do reserve time. Certain factions in Manchester are looking forward to this as training will bring down the number of rounds needed for a hit

    You can see the beauty of this scheme, it boosts the Forces at low cost and reduces costs on the Law and Order budget
  3. This is not a dig at reservists but you cannot replace highly trained professionals with for want of a better phrase weekend warriors. It seems to me that Cameron does not have a clue and is floundering around like a headless flounder coming up with one screwball idea after another.
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  4. Change the record FFS. The article states there's going to be a REVIEW of the TA and Cameron is sympathetic to it. You make it sound like he's already sanctioned it on some sort of knee jerk reaction.

    Wait until a policy has been implemented before you warm the bus up.

  5. Your home early from the day- centre.


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  6. Very poor response, more diversion, smoke and mirrors when people don't acknowledge the infinite wisdom of the great sage Finknottle.

    You must have been a bundle of laughs on the messdeck.
  7. It would be bloody amazing if he wasn't sympathetic to it as it was his idea in the first place. "David Cameron personally commissioned the review which is due to be published before the summer recess"
  8. I will admit that was a poor response, pushed for time, should have waited.

    I am merely pointing out that this is yet another nutty scheme dreamed up by Cameron and his bean-counters, the fact that he is mulling it over is good enough reason to fuel up the bus. When New Labour were in power there was a constant tirade of adverse comments on this forum, many of the justified. Therefore if I am unhappy with this Tory led coalitions ideas I will say so whether you like it or not.

    Just for your info I was the life and soul at mess socials and sod's operas.
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  9. Yes I appreciate that Wurz

    And I was just pointing out that fuelling up the bus before anything has been decided on is just another knee jerk reaction. I couldn't give a toss about your (somewhat repetitive) anti-government views. If I agree with you I'll say so and if it turns out a penny pinching crock of shite I'll happily join in on the bus. All I'm saying is lets see what the outcome is, if the TA expands in a good way that can only be for the good.

    And I still don't believe you on the party issue ;P

  10. At the risk of straying off topic - Me neither.

    Totally unconvinced; as there's not a shred of evidence amongst those 4.3k RR posts. More swerves, dives and bleats than any Champions League diva. :roll:

    Back on topic,

    I would hope that any plan to expand our Reservists takes into full consideration the knock-on effect of depriving already struggling businesses of vital man/women-power; particularly as a certain % of them may well return bearing injuries, or (heaven forbid) DD.

    The public sector may well be able to spare them but in the revenue generating sector those absent on active duty are always likely to be sorely missed.

  11. In response I will stray off topic briefly, my performance of 'swerving, diving, ducking (you missed that one out BOOTWU) and bleating' always brought the house down at Sod's Operas.
  12. You really do love yourself don't you? I expect everyone else thought you were dancing like a prat.

    signed: Bigot
  13. From your lack of understanding of banter I suspect that you are another one who may never have served in HM Forces.
  14. Stupid ****.

    What a dumb shit reply, I was actually starting to take a shine to you but then I remember you are a sweaty.

    Shame about Murray, I just watched it....aaaaahhhhhaaaahhh....ahhhahhaa.

    Anyone But England eh?

    You lame ****. **** Off.
  15. Foregone conclusion, no big deal. I am devastated that you don't like me any more.
  16. The BBC article says that "it will suggest increasing training so that companies of reservists can deal with instances such as civil emergencies", not necessarily using reservists instead of regulars on the front line.

    David Cameron needs to maybe look at the Civil Contingency Reaction Force which is already in place to deal with that. The problem is though, as stated earlier by BOOTWU, companies do not want to lose their people and if you call up a reservist and tell his boss he is going to Afghan generally I think people accept that but if you are called up to work in the UK employers are not so keen.

    RFA96 does not allow for callup to work in the UK unless there is "national danger, great emergency or attack on the UK." Her Majesty has to authorise that callup which is not covered by a general callup notice such as is out now.

  17. ** HEALTH WARNING - I accept that you are not saying the RMR lad was gash but this can be inferred from the loose shite you offer for opinion **

    There are times I agree with what you have to say and too many others when I bite my lip (and not because XRD is taking me from behind).

    Your vicarious Afghanistan experiences (my mate's a Royal - really impressive) are doing my head in. A few top tips for you to reflect upon and sharpen your neo-walting repartee:

    1. The term "weekend" warrior is just oh so Cold War; you're showing your age.
    2. 100s of RMR lads have deployed very successfully on operation tours.
    3. WTF is a "RMR soldier"? What do you think the "M" stands for? Would you use the phrase "RM soldier"?
    4. Since the beginning of time when an RMR lad does well he's a bootneck and when he fucks up he is a reservist.
    5. Since OP TELIC the vast majority of RMR who are moblised are called up prior to pre-deployment training and join their Unit for the full tour; as such they conduct the same rigourous beat up the regular lads in the deploying unit do. The case you quote is likely to be a necessary exception to that rule.
    6. Your mate's top machine gunner was replaced for a reason and that reason won't have been, "let's get a reservist in to rings the changes".
    7. The potential to be gash is not the exclusive perks of the odd reservist; I'm sure the regular bootnecks on here will verify that they have worked with walking liabilties who take a full time salary.
    8. Matt Croucher GC is a 'back door rubber' (ex regular but a reservist when he earned his GC).
    9. To my knowledge 2 of the lads you so gushingly mourn at every opportunity were RMR, one of whom was SBS(R).
    10. I also have a mate. He's done one TELIC and 3 x HERRICK whilst holding down a civi career - he is not the only one. I won't be spinning his dits on here.
    11. You show your true colours in your opening phrase Any sentence that begins "This is not a **** but" is guaranteed to be exactly what it purports not to be.
    Please take a moment to consider the above and then come back with a contrite apology for being an utter knob.
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  18. With not so sincere apologies for double tapping, I'm curious Finky, you've mentioned before that you've been at functions in the stripey's mess at Condor and know all these bootnecks - most bootnecks I know wouldn't give you the time of day. Are you the post mess dinner entertainment, i.e. bring on the gimp!?

    Please don't tell me you and this RM SNCO are more than just friends...
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  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think tha Finks has mentioned a Bootie Son in previous posts, but I have been wrong once before

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