David Beckham meets Marine McBean

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. BZ Royal a true, true inspiration to one and all.
  2. BZ Royal - Wish you could get the same wage packet as Becks considering what you do and what he does........
  3. Good to see Beckham doing something positive for a change.
  4. Are you for real? David Beckham actually does a hell of a lot in the positive as it goes, including Help for Heroes, charity work, Unite against AIDs, helping children among the many others.
  5. Does he actually!
  6. That's a very true and valid point. He's also a better role model than most of the so called celebrities out there. They're just planning to bury one of those.
  7. Not only bury one but give her a funeral with massive tv screens and a statue in remembrance in London lol

    Like she deserves one??
  8. Sloppy journo's again. Apparently David James was talking to two soldiers, one even borrowed a submariners kit!!!!
  9. BBC news showed an interview with John Terry, who was totally impressed with his meeting with the lads, and suitably humbled with the encounter, All the shots they showed, the England players seemed to be having good one to ones with the lads they met - BZ all round.
  10. YES he does, so please take your pathetic mumbling elsewhere one eye.

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