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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. Trelawny - did you watch the hearing or are you just relying on the daily mail to give you a "balanced" interpretation? If so you need to take a step back and re-think your strategy.

    What Cameron said when a couple of members of the committee asked if he had considered a referendum on the future of the Euro was that there was no point having a referendum on something that the UK could not influence because the UK was not a member of the Eurozone. He was pressed several times on this by Bill Cash who was obviously on a totally different planet and the message from cameron was very clear on several points;

    Britain trades with Europe and it is in the UK's interest for Europe to remain strong
    Britain has no interest in joining the Eurozone but it is very interested in ensuring that if those countries who are in the Eurozone wish to retain the Euro that it is a success
    There is no point in holding a referendum in the UK over matters that cannot be directly influenced/decided upon by the UK

    My take on the televised hearing (which I did watch) was that Cameron was neither a Eurosceptic nor an EU enthusiast - he was simply being pragmatic and stating that if the EU were to fail it would have very damaging consequences for Britain ... so he didn't want it to fail.
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  2. No I didn't watch the programme...precious little time. Regretably I just rely on the news bits I can pick up from any source. I for one wouldn't like a referendum on the Euro. I just want to be out of the EU. I voted against joining the "Common Market" which was what the population at that time were asked. Unfortunately the Common Market has evolved into a Hydra headed monster that is ruining our way of life. Do you remember the "metric martyrs" taken to court for not weighing produce in metric. Small fry but an incursion into our way of life.
    We cannot deport those who are a threat to our nation and we are then forced to pay child tax credits for workers whose families live abroad......Has anyone seen those Valium tablets Finks lent me?
  3. The problem for that argument is that it is British law not EU law. They dont have a problem selling in what ever units they like, we have got the local Council Nazis with bugger all better to do.
  4. There is far too much interference in our domestic affairs from Europe. We managed to trade well enough with them prior to joining the EEC in 1973. Cameron is attempting to perform a balancing act by keeping the coalition junior partners sweet who in the main are pro Europe.

    My message to the EU is keep your fekin snoring horn out of our domestics and we will get along fine.
  5. As stated before the EU makes recomendations we make it law, only the Danes pass more of these than we do.

    Its the O2 Thieves Westminster.
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  6. Sadly you are mistaken, the EU does indeed make the recomendations and then obliges each country to adopt it as law. Indeed they have a department to ensure that it is done, if it isn't it goes to the EU Law who then impose it Or you face sanctions for not implementing their Recomendations. Hence the link to Infractions. Application du droit de l'Union européenne - Infractions - Décisions de la Commission
    Isn't it a bit ironic that on going to the link it shows all the EU flags and guess where the Union Flag is ........last. We even come after the new members. Speaks volumes. So EU says jump and Cameron says "How High?":-D
  7. Each Member State is responsible for implementation (timely transposition, compliance and correct implementation) of European Union law in its legal system. Treaty, the European Commission ensures the correct application of EU law. Therefore, when a Member State does not respect this right, the European Commission has powers of its own (the infringement proceedings) provided for in articles 258
    Extract from the EU Web Page just in case the Linky didn't work for you Shipmate
  8. It is done alphabetically so Belgique (Belgium) is first and United Kingdom comes last because U comes towards the end of the alphabet. (by the way, Germany comes before France because it is Deutschland, Spain also climbs up the "pecking order" as Espana etc)

    Of course we could also "restore natural balance" by either insisting that all the flags appear in reverse alphabetical order or re-naming ourselves Albion (and hoping Albania doesn't join the EU)
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  9. "We" could still ignore/not prosecute, the French seem to be better at that than us.

  10. Many thanks Broadside, I have scoured the Eurozones alphabets and the crafty barstewards are using ours, so no room for manouvrering there. I'm in favour of your excellent suggestion. When will we start the renaming process

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