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iDave can say what he wants. It's the European judges who will eventually cack all over our wants and wishes and jail infantry troops for doing their job. That'll be a huge retention and recruitment boost, won't it.

I find it odd that these lawyers aren't pursuing combatants within the ISIS framework for their patent crimes against humanity like trussing and hogtying people they don't like and suspending them from scaffolding frames over trays of burning diesel, summarily executing them, lowering them in cages into pools to drown them, pushing them off high buildings or firing RPGs at them/strapping explosines to them. It's all on the Young News Channel site if anyone fancies a gander. I mean, on the face of it, who is the more barbaric?

It's difficult to see who the bigger bastards are here. The lawyers, or the men in black.

It would appear that lawyers have and have always had a licence to print money and there's plenty of them sitting in Westminster. 'Call me Dave' can come out with his sound- bites but nothing will change.
Cameron is just blowing hot air. The government has already paid out circa £20 million for about 300 cases already settled out of court so it's little wonder that the Vultures are circling looking for a bit more of the action. Were our troops on the ground that out of control in Iraq to justify that amount of money(so far and counting) or are the government rolling over to keep things out of the public domain?
I expect on rare occasions there were failings but now these claims are in spate and lawyers being lawyers can always sniff out a honey pot. It's also irritating when you read the MOD have paid out x amount of pounds in compensation, no they haven't, the taxpayer has.

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