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Daughters of Reservist pay tribute.


Lantern Swinger
51 years old and still serving as a mortarman with the Rock Apes?! The man was true ninja. He and his family are in all our thoughts.


RIP Mate , what a wonderful family , was going to mention another family but maybe better not , we all know who i mean ?? , sorry .


War Hero
It's always a terrible thing to lose one of our own but it brings it home even more when you see the family pictures like those at the link. It helps remind the unseeing public that this was a guy who wasn't just a soldier, but a family man and a member of the community.

He knew the risks but he went anyway because he believed in what he was doing. Small consolation to his family but they should be proud of him - we all should be.

May he rest easy in his final sleep and be fondly remembered by all.



Lantern Swinger
RIP Mate.

It was always going to happen to reservists as well with the risks being taken these days. Lost one last year from where i live too.

May they never be forgotten.

Much respect and condolences to his family.


War Hero
Going through our own family trauma at the moment. Sudden death of one member two weeks ago, another inevitable within a few weeks.
Cannot imagine the hurt and bereavement of losing such a fine Father in those circumstances at their time of life.
Our love and sympathy to them all.

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