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Daughter joining the navy.


I apologise now for my spelling but what can you expect from a pongo. My daughter has nearly finished with university and is thinking of going into the RN. She has been with the local RNR so knows a bit about the navy and the lifestyle. However she never undertook A-Levels so won't have any UCAS points till Jan 16 when her qualifications (Access to higher education diploma) comes under the new ucas table. Then she will have 92 points under the new ucas points. I have been advising her to get a commission but she worries that her ucas points won't count and secondly her maths is only average with a C at GCSE and that was in 2010.
So my questions for you shippers are:

1. What job as a rating would be best for someone who isn't great at maths but can still get decent qualifications for back in civvie street and promotion aspects? I know this cancels out engineering branch.

2. Whats promotion like currently, obviously depending on branch?

3. Time at sea, From the RNR my daughter has heard everything from don't join to why aren't you going full time yet. So what would be the best job for family life as iknow from experience moving every 2 years is a pain.


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Best she takes her UCAS points to an AFCO and find out her options, grade C at maths may not be as big a block as you think. Best check out all options and go from there.

Here biggest draw back will be having a pongo for an old man, but she doesn't have to mention that?:p:D

Ninja who admits to being an AFCO may be along and give better info than I have?


If you have a look on the Navy recruiting site, job finder you don't need any GCSE's for a number of roles including engineering! As with the Army they will teach you all you need to know as long as you can pass the recruit test, which to be fair is pretty easy. A C in Maths is not that bad and, just for info D is the minimum needed to join the REME. So if that's what she is interested in don't discount it just yet. If it's solely the officer route she wants, Ninja would be the best to advise.

PS they love Pongos on here really :)


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You will need 180 UCAS points to entertain the AIB and Officer role. Plus 5 GCSEs that include English and Maths at Grade C or above. You do not need any A levels or GCSEs for rating, just to pass the Recruit Test.

Don't be obsessed with the Officer route, there are many lovely careers out there available as a rating.


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By the way, I'm pretty near the inner circle of Engineering Training in the RN, and it would amaze you the level of maths that some people don't bring with them..... that's why they spend all that time doing Academics...:cool:
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