Dating website for window lickers

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, May 19, 2009.

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  1. The internet never ceases to amaze me!

    There's a website where you can obtain a genuine mong....praise the fukking Lord! I wonder if there's a 'wish list' of disabilities?

    Good looking, hung like a horse, Matelot seeks mong for genuine relationship and physical intimacy. Must have the following:

    Cleft palate
    Hair Lip
    Club Foot
    An extra chromosome

    There's no limits to your imagination. Some kunts spotted a big hole in the market here and is sitting on a right fukking golden goose!!
  2. Brilliant, wonder if they supply a catalogue?
  3. ha!

    if you let the pic on the left (homepage) cycle through there is actually a miserable looking hotty in a yellow jumper sat in a wheelchair, fancy your modelling career amounting to that. happy days.

    then followed by baseball captain hook.

    how do you find this stuff?
  4. It isnt taloolah is it???
  6. Negative!

    And thanks for the insider knowledge RJ, written that down in my things to remember notebook :wink:
  7. Fukking sweet....just spunked up in my undercrackers...
  8. [email protected], I can't sign up for this because I'm not a spacker. Fake profile inbound. What shall I have wrong with me? I'm thinking Gigantism. Of the nads.
  9. How about Phocomelia? It's what flids translates from the latin as 'seal-limb'
  10. How about dwarfism, that way they'll think your mahoosive knob is normal size when you send the photo in. They won't realise the mistake until you split them in half or destroy their arses
  11. Loving all the suggestions, I'm building "Spazzy Mcspazzerton"'s profile as we speak. I'll be nuts deep in mongs before you can say, "get yourself out of the bath you cnut!"
  12. Oh yes you could say you suffer hydrosoftc0ck its a massive swelling of the phalus on the soft :wink:

    gronk's ball in Lymstone in the 80's is where as a nod you experience disabled sex for the first its full of hunch backed, claw handed wenches in the south west :oops:
  13. X:'It isnt taloolah is it???'...Boy, I really got to you, didn't I ?A desperate cry for a visual.... 8O :D

    Crack on, Monty, we'll await the live link from 'RR to Spazzy' with baited breath. :) Am sure the boys will rally to your cause. A few subscribers here, for sure. :wink: Line's to the left gents and bring a mugshot :lol:
  14. Jesus christ

    I'm a fat sad cnut who can't trap and doesn't get off the base much, any chance that there is anyone out there as desperate as me? If so, rather than do the world a favour and quietly dying we can get together and bore each other rigid until old age and also have some kids as retarded, ugly and with underdeveloped social skills like us.

    Followed by:

    Hi I'm a sprog cnut who can't get a fcuk for love nor money and am looking for some chav slags in Norwich to chew me off. I'm proper fit and have I mentioned I'm in the pusser? Suck me off, please. Please god, anyone?

    And I think the others are T42stoker and Thingy.

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