'Dating in the Dark'

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Question is to you all, is beauty only skin deep or would you date a complete minger if she gave good head?

    Nah kids, only joking :lol:

    Lets play 'RR Dating in the Dark'................can I please having 6 willing participants, 3 male, 3 female............or could be 6 males, whatever floats ya boat :wink:
  2. Beauty may be only skin deep. But ugly goes all the way to the bones.
  3. So we have 1 volunteer
  4. Firstly this isnt me volenteering but i will hang my head in shame and admit to seeing last weeks episode. It was actually quite funny.

    In response to your question, i wouldn't date a minger 8O .

    Ps. Before i get ripped to bits for watching shite, i watched because i was with a very fit woman and was trying to get a bit. :wink: .
  5. I'm in. I'm usually blind by midnifght on a run ashore anyway.
  6. Do we get allowed to use that other important sense 'touch'
  7. Right, one more dude left to fish in.................anyone wanna dress in drag and take a female part?
  8. I thought that was standard trapping routine down Union Strasse, especially if you haven't pulled before the lights go up and the club empties!!
  9. Count me in, but I hope I don't end up with Monty FFS. :)

    PS: I ain't wearing any of Thingys or Type42's clothes by the way. :)
  10. I'd do it but I'm married.

    Actually fcuk it, I'll do it.
  11. I thought dating in the dark was the usual thing on a Friday night down the club
  12. It is!!! 8O
  13. You'll be able to tell it's me early on. I'm all fanny before tits.
  14. Bitch tits??? :D
  15. You'll be able to tell XRD by the smell of piss, twiglets, bus shelters and wotsits the dirty ginger cnut.
  16. Yeah my walting undercover days have come back to haunt me again!!!

    :D 8)
  17. I remember being on a trapping run in a club with some oppos one night somewhere in the UK. One of the lads was very dismissive of a particular girl, saying “She is doggoâ€.

    An hour, and a few wets, later, he tried to trap her but got rejected. He then turned to me, with a look of utter dismay on his face, “Gombearâ€, he said, “She thinks I’m doggo!!†FFS, what a twat!

    I also remember a Wren who was built like a brick outhouse and rather plain, but she had one of the sexiest voices I’ve ever heard. If you were in a dark room with her, and just heard her voice, you would think that you had really dipped in. As it happens, she was also a very nice young woman.

    I didn’t try and trap her because,….Er,…Well,….I’m doggo myself. :(
  18. Right, so we have 3 men, 1 offering his experiences as a trannie...........now if I join the female side, will you be gentle with me :twisted:
  19. I thought you liked it rough :ky:
  20. No

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