Hi i am new here i have my provisonal date september 3rd does this mean thats when i start my training as it said in the letter that it could be changed dont take any action in employment etc.
I would just like to know is this saying that i passed selection and my application has got the approval of the Mod to start training at this date.


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Hiya Booom

You'll find the provisional offer of service letter is worded in "MoD Speak" to cover all eventualities, just in case your date has to be changed.

Generally, unless your security clearance is declined or the government decides to stop recruiting or your particular course is cancelled, Raleigh is hit by fire,flood or famine, you can pretty much rest assured you will start training on the date indicated.

BUT, if you don't, it's not the MoD's fault if you resign from work, sell your house, split-up from your partner only to find you're not joining when you had hoped.

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