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Rolls-Royce are currently looking for a Data Services Officer to join our Energy team in Warwick. The management of Service Data is an integral part of the scalability agenda across the whole sector and is underpinned by a successfully established Data Centre that is now entering the second phase of its maturity development.

Data Services provide direct value to customer's operations, data is also a commodity that can be used to improve the business processes of other internal functions. We have been successful in collecting data primarily from certain programmes but have had to exclude others to the detriment of planning and management of those programmes. We have also been successful in gathering more data into existing systems, but as we have increased the numbers of users the number of system admin tasks has increased. We are now looking to hire a candidate to expand the breadth that the Data Centre can cover as well as to cope with the increase the System Admin responsibilities.

For all the detail and to apply please select the link below:

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