Das Boot

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by djcopio, Jan 10, 2010.

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  1. Top Sunday viewing - the long version of Das Boot. Even got a leak in my ceiling for realism!
  2. Is it on tv, DJC?
  3. Sadly not - it's the DVD. Roof drip fixed with some string and a bucket, uboot style!
  4. Subtitled?
  5. Hows about fusing the lights..... and a bit of steam coming from the kitchen.
  6. But of course! Even though it's the same actors doing it, the dubbed version gives me the heebie jeebies.
  7. Any grasp of the lingo yourself?
  8. Well, I did GCSE German, but that was a while back now. Always meant to brush up but...
  9. Viel Spass!
  10. Seen the film 3 times. For me such a film is a must, unlike Hollywood the Germans went to great lengths to ensure as much realism as possible. A former German U-Boot man I once knew said that the film had brought back memories, his main critisism was that it is almost impossible in a film to catch the mood swings from euphoria to oh shit it's the end, his expression was "scheiss Angst". Plus of course the pleasant smells that permeate the boat. :D
  11. Wolfgang Petersen, who directed DB went on to make the vomit inducing Perfect Storm....the 'Hollywood effect' :?:
  12. Loved the Long Version. One of my favorite DVDs. However, the book by Lothar-Günther Buchheim is best. But then the books often are. Dont like the dubbing...........bit creepy
  13. Did somebody call?????

    It was running virtually non stop on my first boat - great movie - great ending!
  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Das Boot is one of my favourite war films of all time. It's an absoloute classic. I was talking to an ex submariner down the club about it and he said it is a realistic film. Mind you, i like watching hun films. Never thought i would be cheering for jerry, the damned swine.
  15. First read the book on a train between Glasgow and Guzz (with change at Crewe) - didn't even notice the length of the journey - cracking good read.
  16. Probably ONE of the the greatest war films ever made and I read the book as well, classic and could not put it down.
  17. Great book, enen better film. Looses a lot in translation.
  18. The boat the film is based on sank the tanker my uncle was the 1st officer on, the 'Clea'.
    Had he returned home he would have obtained his masters ticket.
    Years ago I decided to research what had happened to him as none of the family were aware of the exact details.
    The 'Clea' had broken down and wandered away from the convoy off Iceland, which is where it was sunk. The 'Clea' had started her homeward voyage in Curacao then via Miami and Bermuda.
    I was lead to understood that the tanker sinking 'featured' in the film was in fact the 'Clea'.
    Sadly, neither my uncles parents, nor his siblings were aware of the actual details of his fate, and they had all died before the discovery was made.
    His name is on the memorial on Tower Hill.
  19. I have all the oridinal series from the bbc on tape(am going to transfer it to dvd soon)have two dvd verions the dubbed one is my fav it just make it so realistic
  20. that and the Afghan war film from Russia "9th company" are my favourite war films except for every Japanese Samurai film I can get.I like them and have just ordered another 5 DVD's from Amazon.
    Something about the way they make the massive battles and individual combat scenes that makes it good viewing for me,but I do watch Das Boot a lot.

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