Das Boot

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by witsend, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


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  2. If you like the movie you'll love the book. A whole lot more than in the movie - including stuff they could not show.
  3. Witsend: Agree with you there mate, the subtitled version is better even though I can't understand German, the film says it all. The book is equally good and as accurate as it can be....and you still haven't told me where you got that bird in the animated graphic giving the pink oboe a going over ??
    Happy new year 2010...pmsl.
  4. We used to have the video running virtually every night on patrol, hence my avatar! The German one with subtitles. Brills movie. He gets killed in the end......... :oops:


  5. Read the book many years ago, saw the original series on TV and now own the DVD.

    Fantastic stuff all round and I agree, the book was better, but they always tend to be.
  6. Make sure that you get the FULL 6 Hour version that was screened as a Miniseries.
  7. Nostalgia a Dave? - you wish!!
  8. I got the book for Christmas, brilliant read. I then downloaded the 3 hour version with English voices instead of German once, but with a German accent, not ideal but good enough. The Second Lieutenant (sic?) has a really high, squeaky voice.....
  9. Very good film, came across it one night searching for something to watch. Very glad i did :D
  10. I bloody missed it. Dammit. Anyone know if it is being repeated?
  11. Gets repeated all the time JJ, i seen it about two weeks ago
  12. It's on at 02:05. That'll be a late one then
  13. "There is no butter in the mess".

    German interpretation:-

    Nine slide in de grot.
    Buck up man its easy. :wink: :D
  14. Whilst not wishing to detract from Das Boot in any way I am currently reading "The secret diary of a U Boat" by Wolfgang Hirschfeld.

    It is an excellent diary of a U Boat Telegraphist who both survived the war, which in itself was quite an achievement and ended up as a Warrant Officer.
  15. I agree with andym. Although the film Das Boot is good, it isn’t as good as the original, nearly 5 hours with sub titles, television version screened by the BBC. The DVD compilation of that is slightly shorter as they omit the usual lead in/lead out sequences of each episode.

    As brigham600 mentions, it is always very difficult to compare a book to the film. We all make our own images from a book and they rarely match the film. Reading the book after seeing the film always feels a bit hollow; to me anyway.
  16. Try "Iron Coffins" by Herbert A Werner. He was a U-boat officer who survived the war. As you say Maxi, that was an achievement in itself as out of 40,000 U-boat men, 30,000 died. A 75% mortality rate hence the title of his book.

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